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01.04Metal Storm Music
01.03Metal Storm Awards 2010 Results!
07.02Gary Moore Passes Away
01.02Metal Storm Awards 2010 - Voting Open!!!
15.01Dwail - New Album And More
17.12Metal Mind Productions - Founder Tomasz Dziubiñski Passed Away
24.09Mushroomhead - Release New Album And Video
20.09Tool - Information About Gear Revealed
05.08Drunken Bastards - Founder Diagnosed With Cancer
04.08Chain Reaction - Embark On Baltic Tour
27.07Tokyo Blade - Post A Message About Their Reunion
10.05Godflesh - To Re-Release Streetcleaner
21.04Wacken - Vote For Unknown Band To Play At Wacken
16.04Type O Negative - Peter Steele Dead At 48 [UPDATE]
16.02Chain Reaction - Release Of Second Album

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Metal Storm Music

This news was part of our April Fools joke 2011.

First it was .Net. Then it was version 4.0.Now Metal Storm is taking the next step towards total world domination. No, we aren't looking to overthrow a Eastern European government and installing ourselves as a Metal Oligarchy. Our plans are much more insidious.

We are proud to announce the launch of Metal Storm Music!

That's right. We're taking the steps to become our own label! We figure with the number of acts throwing stuff at us for reviews or write-ups in the Clandestine Cuts features, and hoping some label signs the brightest and boldest, why not just cut out the middle man and start putting stuff out our damned selves. After all, we've been telling all of you what is worth listening to in metal for nearly a decade.

Posted: 01.04.2011 by jupitreas | Comments (59)

Metal Storm Awards 2010 Results!

Dear Metal Stormers, in case you haven't noticed, the new layout is not the only big news of the day. The Metal Storm Awards 2010 are now closed and the results are freely available for your viewing pleasure!

Let me take this moment to thank our Staff members and Elite users for the insane amount of work that they put into compiling nominees and making sure the Awards are as successful as they are. Naturally, none of this would have been possible without our loyal member-base and all of us over at Metal Storm HQ would also like to extend our deepest thanks to them for making this edition by far the most popular Metal Storm awards ever!!

Please go ahead and visit the Metal Storm Awards 2010 page to see all the results. Also, don't forget that we will be publishing our Staff Picks of 2010 soon.


Posted: 01.03.2011 by jupitreas | Comments (92)

Gary Moore Passes Away

Earlier today, Irish blues and rock guitarist and vocalist Gary Moore was found dead in his hotel room in Spain. His inspiring, emotional playing style made him into one of rock's guitar gods and his influence can be heard in all kinds of blues, rock and metal music. He was known for participating in several projects and bands such as Skid Row (the Irish band in the 70s) and Thin Lizzy, as well as for his own, highly successful solo career. Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell: "I still can't believe it, he was so robust, he wasn't a rock casualty, he was a healthy guy."

So far, no information about the actual reason for the death has been reported. We will keep you updated. In the meantime, here is Gary performing his biggest hit "Still Got The Blues":


Posted: 07.02.2011 by jupitreas | Comments (66)

Metal Storm Awards 2010 - Voting Open!!!

Dear Metalstormers,

The 2010 Metalstorm Awards are here!

Throughout the year, a dedicated team at the Metal Storm HQ donates countless hours making the definitive list of all the worthwhile albums in every possible metal subgenre released throughout the year. In January, amidst heated arguments, we prune this list to an exclusive grouping of what we believe to be truly the best and most influential albums released. Our team also spends insane amounts of time preparing descriptions and making sure each and every nominee's music is easy to access and listen to.

This year, we're introducing the new Clandestine Cut Of The Year category. We're very excited to be promoting some of these fresh and hungry artists based on their excellent demos and EPs. Please take some time to check out this section.


Posted: 01.02.2011 by jupitreas | Comments (103)

Dwail - New Album And More

French band Dwail is about to release their first album Helter Skelter in Digipack format on April 9th by Klonosphere Propagande / Seasons Of Mist. The record is mixed and mastered by Logan Mader (Machine Head, Soulfly, Gojira).

The band also offers eager fans a bit of a nice deal if they decide to pre-order Helter Skelter. If you decide to pre-order, not only do you get the album 2 weeks before it is released, you also receive a nice pack of goodies along with it. This pack includes:
- The exclusive Beatles cover « Helter Skelter » (not on the record) received by email in Mp3 format.
- Dwail pin badge
- Participation to a contest (suscribers only) to win tickets for the upcoming Dwail’s concerts in France.


Posted: 15.01.2011 by jupitreas | Comments (0)

Metal Mind Productions - Founder Tomasz Dziubiñski Passed Away

The CEO of Metal Mind Productions, Tomasz Dziubiñski, has passed away yesterday after struggling with an unspecified illness for many years. Tomasz was a pivotal personality of the metal scene in Poland and also in Europe. He was responsible for promoting many Polish artists that are now household names, was the Editor-In-Chief of the Polish edition of Metal Hammer and the main organizer of Metalmania festival. He has definitely had an enormous influence on how metal music has developed in the last 20 years.

Metal Storm would like to express deepest condolences for Dziuba's friends and family and offer a friendly shout-out to Metal Mind Productions and Metal Hammer Polska.

Posted: 17.12.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (4)

Mushroomhead - Release New Album And Video

Here's some news from Mushroomhead:

New York NY - Mushroomhead have finished its new video for the first single "Come On." It was directed by "House" of Precinct 13 and features fight scenes, bloody combat with stylish cinematography. House directed the band's MTV Headbanger's Ball Video Of The Year 2007 called "1200."

"Conceptually, it's about having the opportunity to vent your rage," says Mushroomhead's Skinny. "The song 'Come On' is a sucker punch and it's a metaphor for everything that's gone wrong. It's a modern day anthem for everyone who are fed up with everything, just like us."



Source: band's manager
Band profile: Mushroomhead
Posted: 24.09.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (1)

Tool - Information About Gear Revealed

Guitar pedal and effects manufacturer Dunlop recently posted videos about what kind of gear Tool uses. Here they are:

"Ever wonder how these pioneers of progressive metal get their psychedelic sounds and monstrous tones? We take a look at the rigs of both bass player Justin Chancellor and guitarist Adam Jones during their set up at a show in San Francisco. Check out the awesome demo of our Heil Talk Box in the Adam Jones interview. Tool fans and tone chasers prepare for an overload! On Adam Jones' rig we saw: Phase 90, Micro Amp, 535Q Crybaby, Heil Talkbox. On Justin Chancellor's rig we saw: MXR Bass Envelope Filter, MXR Bass Octave Deluxe .Check out the videos below."


Band profile: Tool
Posted: 20.09.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (6)

Drunken Bastards - Founder Diagnosed With Cancer

A statement from Hungarian metalpunks DRÜNKEN BASTARDS reads: "Pete Fire, the founding guitarist of Drünken Bastards, has been diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago. The treatments have started already and the doctors, family and his friends are confident that he's going to get better. So far, he has been taking it good, but the whole treatment could take up to six months. This means that the band had to cancel all the shows which were booked for autumn. Of course, we won't stop working and together we decided to write our third upcoming album and to make up for all the canceled shows in spring after Pete gets better. Hope for him to get better and meanwhile wait for the second album, Horns Of The Wasted, which will be release on Hells Headbangers on August 31st. Of course Pete's other band Bridge To Solace has also decided to cancel their last shows and wait for Pete to get better, hence the next spring won't go easy on nuclear hardcore and metal/punk attacks." For more info, consult

Source: band
Posted: 05.08.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (11)

Chain Reaction - Embark On Baltic Tour

Chain Reaction, Polish modern thrashers are heading on tour. In September, during BALTIC TOUR, they are going to play 8 shows in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Nevertheless, this will not be their first time in that area. Last year they gave two shows in Latvia and this year played during one of the biggest festivals in that country - FonoFest.

Tour dates:
10.09 - Liepaja (LV) Fontaine Palace
11.09 - Riga (LV) Rock N Riga
17.09 - Kaunas (LT) Blue Orange
18.09 - Vilnius (LT) Bix Baras
22.09 - Tartu (EST) Zavood Pub
23.09 - Narva (EST) ArtRoro
24.09 - Rakvere (EST) Kara Kants RockPub
25.09 - Cesis (LV) - FonoKlubs

"Cutthroat Melodies", Chain Reaction's second LP was recorded in the last months of 2009 and is to be released in May 2010, once again by Kolony Records. Even before its release "Cutthroat Melodies" proves to be the band's biggest achievement as "Twinge", the first track from the album already won the charts for Metal channel on and is included on "Kill City Vol.22" compilation released by 272Records in Hollywood.

Band profile: Chain Reaction
Event: Chain Reaction Baltic Tour
Posted: 04.08.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (1)

Tokyo Blade - Post A Message About Their Reunion

British heavy metal band Tokio Blade have posted the following video and message about their return to the scene:

Warmest Hello to all Tokyo Blade Fans and supporters.

We are officially announcing . . .

Tokyo Blade is well known in all of Europe since their formation in 1981, and are rapidly building popularity in the United States.

Tokyo Blade is preparing to make their 11th album with legendary metal record producer, Chris Tsangerides. The album will be released this year 2010 with 4 of the original Tokyo Blade members . . .

Andy Boulton (guitar, founder and band leader),
John Wiggins (guitar)
Andy Wrighton (bass),
Steve Pierce (drums)


Source: Joe "Bear" DeVito
Band profile: Tokyo Blade
Posted: 27.07.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (2)

Godflesh - To Re-Release Streetcleaner

Original news, posted on 01.02.2010

The seminal Godflesh album Streetcleaner is about to get a re-release to coincide with the band's brief reunion for Hellfest. Justin Broadrick is currently re-mastering the album.

From his blog: "I have had a few questions/assumptions on Twitter regarding the news that the Godflesh Streetcleaner LP is being reworked. The truth is that I am finally remastering the album, there are no remixes/re-recordings or such nonsense. Additionally, I am hoping to compile an extra discs worth of rough and original mixes from the Streetcleaner studio sessions, also rehearsal versions, etc. More news as I compile this. If all goes to plan, this will be a very exciting and much needed update of the Streetcleaner LP. Planned for release on Earache in June 2010 to coincide with Godflesh at Hellfest."


Band profile: Godflesh
Posted: 10.05.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (3)

Wacken - Vote For Unknown Band To Play At Wacken

Some news from the Wacken camp:

For the very first time in history of Wacken Open Air the W:OA: Metal Masters will be launched.

The Masters is a video-online voting for metal bands, the prize is a live-slot on the 21. Wacken Open Air in August.
Bands can upload a video on, all users will decide which video is the best during the time of 04/20/2010 to 06/30/2010.

The winning-band will have the once in a lifetime chance to play in front of a huge metal-audience at the Wacken Open Air.
Further informations regarding Metal Masters can be found at

So go ahead and go to and vote, perhaps some good but unknown band might get a good chance for promotion...


Event: Wacken Open Air 2010
Posted: 21.04.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (13)

Type O Negative - Peter Steele Dead At 48 [UPDATE]

KNAC, Blabbermouth, The Gauntlet and many other sources claim that Peter Steele of the New York Gothic Metal outfit Type O Negative has passed away on Wednesday 14 April 2010 due to cardiac arrest.

Peter Steele, also known as frontman of the band Carnivore, has already died once as a publicity stunt back in 2005. Due to this, we are not yet going to believe in the rumors of his passing this time around. We'll keep you updated as we find out more.

If he's dead, that sucks. If not, fool me once...


Sadly, Peter Steele's death has now been confirmed to us by an SPV representative. Blabbermouth and even the band's official website also contain confirmation.

Peter Steele is dead at 48. His cause of death is not yet confirmed. There are a lot of fans of the band amongst Metal Storm staffers and users and all of us definitely feel devastated by Pete's untimely passing. You still had a few great albums in you, Peter. It is a shame we will never hear them.


Band profile: Type O Negative
Posted: 16.04.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (93)

Chain Reaction - Release Of Second Album

Chain Reaction's management informs us that:

Italian Kolony Records will release Chain Reaction's second LP in Europe. „Cutthroat Melodies" will be out in stores in May 2010. The album will be also available through the band and label's websites and during live shows.
„Cutthroat Melodies" is a powerful album comprising of eleven energetic songs revolving around groove-thrash style.

Once again, the album was recorded and mixed by one of the best Polish rock Producers, Tomasz Zalewski, in ZED Studio in the last months of 2009.

Chain Reaction's debut, „Vicious Circle" was released by Kolony Records in March 2009

Cutthroat Melodies' track list:
01. Twinge


Band profile: Chain Reaction
Posted: 16.02.2010 by jupitreas | Comments (0)

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