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Posted by EddieGunner on 19.02.2008 at 00:21
Kosovo is main subject curently in whole world, they r independent country now, last one that become from ex yugoslavia
most of the EU accepted kosovo as new country, but some r again (russia, and serbia, maybe there some more)
so watts ur opinion about this

In my opinion EU and west countrys makin huge mistake with this, if they accept kosovo then they shoul give independence to Basks, cataluny, Scotland, North part of cyprus(turkish part) south osetia, chehcnya, etc.......
come i jsut wanna see your thought s

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From: Russia

  15.10.2014 at 06:06
Written by Bad English on 15.10.2014 at 00:27


Serbia sv Albania

cant believe such idiots as Albanian players live in today
all serbian players wanted do is take away flag , Albanians run as crazy and want get it back ... and now UEFA for past shit will ban Serbia, Albania also should be banned or punished, well and Serbian ultra nationalists , does they don't know what UEFA does ? why they start troubles ?

and guyw ho controlled chopper is brother of Albanian prime minister ...

Well what happened was the following.

EU/USA urged the Serbian government (nice way of saying threatened) to allow Albanians who wore terrorist insignia KLA to enter the country in the first place. Then the brother of the Albanian Prime Minister was found to be the one who piloted the drone and brought the flag (he also happens to be an American citizen). To make things interesting the flag they paraded was not Albanian flag, but "Great Albania" flag, in which Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Montenegro lands are all under the Albanian occupation (just as I explained few posts ago). Our player grabs the flag and all hell breaks loose. Serbian embassy gets attacked in Albanian, right now you have 300 police officers securing it while the Albanians are throwing rocks at it and shooting from automatic weapons (most of them are former KLA which were trained by the US/EU forces in the first place) and the Albanians tried to enter the city of Mitrovica (Serbian held city) with the use of firearms, and they brought down several of Serbian sites down. And this happened moments after the game was stopped. Like I said before, even if the Serbs wanted peace and could forget about Kosovo, instances of this behavior add more fuel to the fire, and knowing their plan it would be stupid to lay down arms and just do nothing. I salute my people for not taking anyone's shit, especially not from someone who still lives in a stone age like Deadone said.

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