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Posted by on 17.05.2006 at 06:11
Well seeing Christianity and Islam I felt I might as well round out the "Big 3". Pretty much this should be a topic for you discuss your feelings ideas and ask questions. I ask that you avoid National Socialist thoughts I'm fine with dislike or hatred of the religion but the National Socailist ideas and beliefs revolving around Judaism are misinformed to say the least. Personally I feel the Judaism has to be the one of the most persecuted religions throughout history. Seemingly every era of man passed that of the Neolithic has had a society that has dislike the Jews immensely. This maybe to early on prothelatizing or some other reason. I'm interested in your thoughts.

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From: Israel

  15.01.2015 at 13:01
So...why are European moods move from nonchalant to cynical when it comes to Jews? Basically inconsistently applied cheap collectivism and ingrained hateful prejudice.
Besides my personal experience with my European friends, which was bleak seeing how normal anti-Jewish sentiment is, here are some other takes:

"Schoolchildren in France have nothing to do with the construction of settlements on the West Bank or anything else that the government of Israel may or may not do. The fact that so many otherwise sensible people accept this kind of muddled collectivism (all Jews are complicit in and responsible for what any Jew does) shows just how widespread anti-Semitism still is."

"....Non-Jewish colleagues and friends tell me they haven't noticed the change...To them I say, check out social media - where you are either for the Palestinians or for the Jews. The tweeting after the murder of the Jewish hostages, to the tune of "Serves the Jews right. They need to stop murdering Palestinian babies" was chilling indeed." [source]

In short: maybe there's a logic to anti-Semitic violence. Maybe it's just a reaction to Israeli or as Wilcox put it, "Jewish" wickedness. Maybe you deserve it. Wilcox expressed a common view in right-thinking sections of society: that anti-Semitism isn't quite as bad as other forms of racism because it's often misfired anger with Israel.

I always use to think about a catch phrase I could tell my European friends given the amount of pure horseshit I take from them, possibility best would have been, that perhaps they haven't changed much over time, but many Jews did and that our fate is more related than what it use to be.
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