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Posted by , 17.05.2006 - 06:11
Well seeing Christianity and Islam I felt I might as well round out the "Big 3". Pretty much this should be a topic for you discuss your feelings ideas and ask questions. I ask that you avoid National Socialist thoughts I'm fine with dislike or hatred of the religion but the National Socailist ideas and beliefs revolving around Judaism are misinformed to say the least. Personally I feel the Judaism has to be the one of the most persecuted religions throughout history. Seemingly every era of man passed that of the Neolithic has had a society that has dislike the Jews immensely. This maybe to early on prothelatizing or some other reason. I'm interested in your thoughts.
22.03.2015 - 13:35
Let me move the discussion to this thread if you want to have it.

Written by Slayer666 on 20.03.2015 at 18:37

So why is small retarded minority given such a massive part in the media? Because sensationalism fucking sells and that's why every media outlet focuses solely on it.

Subset sum problems? Hate those things. Yes, we all know better than to judge by background alone.
Unfortunately (naturally) I still have family in Europe (UK) who have to triple check that they are not wearing anything that will identify them as Jewish when they leave the house to central town thanks to the left's modern thugs which mainly consist out of Muslims, and yet if you read the Journalism they constantly blame the far-right while trying to rationalize the former.
Perhaps more unfortunately my girl friend is studying in Europe (Hungry). She has been harassed five times by her own professors and slurred as a Jew this and that while taking tests, the only time anyone actually 'stood up' for her was a female professor who told her later "don't take it personally, they (certain Hungarians) hate anything that isn't Magyar".

The problem is not a "vocal minority", it's the ideas that are held in mainstream Europe.
"Racism" is a matter of propositional belief. I've spoken to Neo-Nazis who were less prejudiced towards Jews, who I had to correct on one issue compared than an Irish friend who's a self-proclaimed left "progressive". For anyone with a clear concept of what's "racist" it isn't surprising, but in European tribal politics it sounds as if it is.


Because I'm so fucking tired of mainstream media telling me I'm a monster rapist white-supremacist for being born a Caucasian male and my supposed part in the oppression of black/Jews/what the fuck ever. Because of white guilt, because of retarded "journalist" articles like the ones you've linked.

I would take it easy, a conversation on metalstorm won't change the face of global politics.
It would be really fascinating if you actually explain for once how it is "retarded' instead of getting into a tantrum and loading it with terms taken out of a neo-Nazi/racial anthropology websites, terms by the way the article does not even mention or imply. Like I said several times, "white guilt/pride"are unwarranted, for better or worst (and that it's a little more complicated). The left (like one girl who posted here, "hating being white" ages ago) and right ("so pride of being white") collectivists taking direct credit for the deeds of dead people is fantastic.
23.03.2015 - 11:26
Today, Jewish graves were vandalized and human remains from them were scattered in Hungary.
One in a statistic of hundreds of yearly cases that include verbal abuse in the streets, violence, rape, murder, vandalism and the continues ideological justification and rationalization.

Written by deadone on 23.03.2015 at 03:22

The comment that Jews are a "retarded minority" is in itself great proof of engrained anti-Semitism and the view that it is somehow acceptable. Would the author have called Muslims or whatever "retarded"?

an important note: he was probably referring to the racist vocal minority, not to Jews or blacks.

Written by deadone on 23.03.2015 at 03:22

I think Europe's anti-semitism problems are compounded by several factors:

Bizarely we have anti-Semitism in Australia which never had a big Jewish population in the first place. For example Israel is always perceived as the "bad guy" in the news and the Palestinians are always victims. Israel and Jews are perceived as the same thing. I know many people who blame Jews for all the ills of the world and believe the world is controlled secretly by Jews. Again a lot of the anti-Semitism comes from Muslims as well as some white elements of the community (including local black metallers).

My Arab-Jewish grandmother never heard of those books neither those blood libels.
Today in Muslim majority countries where literacy rates are low you can still find the books Mein Kampf and The Elders of Zion in the markets and TV, and are often quoted by parliament members. It is, like in Australia a European export.
The last 'official' blood-libel in Europe toke place in 1913 - Menahem Mendel Beilis was blamed for murdering 13-year-old for Jewish blood ritual. Now days Swedish journalist blames the Israeli government of harvesting organs while Norwegian Johan Galtung invokes US Neo-Nazi and The Elders of Zion. Like every good lie they try to savor what they can of it. An ex-minister from the Dutch government claims that all world issues revolve around Israel.

Europeans are willing to give up their own rights in order to maintain their previous templates. The only nation condemned in UN for women's right violations in their annual meeting was - you guessed it right, Israel. The EU of course abstained. Austin Dacey, a representative to the United Nations for the International Humanist and Ethical Union (as an Atheist I follow it) was trying to combat international Blasphemy laws for years in the UN but was unable too, you guessed the reason why correctly: the panel was entirely politicized.
France was the biggest supporter up to the 60's of Israel. Eventually you missed out a reason was played a roll at the 60's and that's Arab oil.

You could write volumes about it, eventually maybe summarize it in one statistical law: Regression toward the mean.
18.04.2015 - 14:09
Written by Bad English on 18.04.2015 at 03:47

can you explain
I have seen WP ppl on FB and some public places, who hates all, says about islam, blacks... but why when Israel invaded Gaza , most of them was anti Israel suddenly supported Palestin, same time week ago hated them?

Let me use an 'extreme' example to illustrate a point.
Imagine a group of people that read Harry Potter and think it's real. Do you think the problem is with their cognitive faculties i.e. how they interpret the content of the book or the book itself?

So some countries have banned Mein Kampf but left the rest of it is in place. The same tribalism and ideologies; Marxists tend to reduce everything to class, Anarchists to central government and anti-Semites to Jews. Hearing Europeans echoing these notions is troubling and trying to rationalize it is while keeping face "we just care about human rights (in and of itself)" is even worst. UK television which produces programs like "Is the time coming to lay the Holocaust to rest?" which it's entire aim is to minimize and forget while keeping anchors like Tim Wilcox ("Palestinians suffered hugely at Jewish hands" told to a random French couple after the events in Paris).

With Europeans spreading their hate from Arab markets where Mien Kamft and The Elders of Zion are best sellers, to South Africa where I grew up and today universities in the US - they still have the nerve to reduce it to an epiphenomena of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Eventually when enough Jews leave Europe perhaps Europeans will have the first chance in history to be judged by their own sense of 'justice'. The imaginary one like Tim's Wilcox, which does not depend on time and place as factors but reduces people to a vulgar collective to be judged as.
21.04.2015 - 12:49
Written by Bad English on 18.04.2015 at 14:14

I know WP and brainwashed morrons, sand same as most ppl but how it goes togerther what they do, ''nigger hunt'' and such idiotic acts, and tehn start defend what they hate and will hunt next day?

After hundreds of years trying to 'make it right' with Europeans concerning the "Jewish Question" they were only failed solutions which included integration, assimilation, genocide and today Jewish political autonomy which is now demonized by the own people who forcefully expelled and then butchered my extended family who brought it about.

One of Israel's national writers, Amos Oz (translated into 42 languages, got every important award but the Nobel prize) says "Out there, in the world, all the walls were covered with graffiti: 'Yids, go back to Palestine,' so we came back to Palestine, and now the worldatlarge [sic] shouts at us: 'Yids, get out of Palestine.'"

Yesterday I tutored three girls from the Nederlands. I asked her "Why did u leave the Netherlands?" - "My Mom wanted to" - "Did she say why?" - "Europe is not a good place for Jews anymore". So no, if Europeans think Jews will let their children grow up with them snarling behind their shoulders in their hate festivals, they won't be any "next day".