Favourite Metal Subgenre

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Posted by Daru Jericho, 17.05.2006 - 23:37
So what's your favourite metal subgenre? Mine is progressive metal; love it's creativity and with lengthy songs it gives the artists enough time to produce a lot of diversity within a track. Most of the time the musicians are highly skilled as well as being able to combine emotion into their music. Additionally, I find that this genre of music can be very experimental at times.

Btw, if your favourite genre is not on the poll it's because I didn't have enough space to put it on. So click other and say what your favourite genre is.


What is yoir favourite metal subgenre?

Death Metal
Black Metal
Thrash Metal
Power Metal
Other (please specify)
Folk/Viking Metal
Progressive Metal
Heavy Metal
Gothic Metal

Total votes: 525
03.07.2012 - 20:26
Mad Arab666
I like a bit of all genres but black, death and gothic are probably what I listen to the most.
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04.07.2012 - 17:23
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Doom/sludge/stoner right now.
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04.07.2012 - 23:57
It tends to fluctuate. I'm kind of going through a folk metal phase at the moment, but I can never go wrong with thrash regardless of what phase I'm in
05.07.2012 - 01:07
Well i voted other,

NWOBHM! (new wave of british heavy metal) i love all genres but i like that one specially.

when you said "heavy metal" i wasn't sure if you meant Black sabbath type or NWOBHM so i picked other.
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05.07.2012 - 06:54
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Written by axelx666 on 05.07.2012 at 01:07

when you said "heavy metal" i wasn't sure if you meant Black sabbath type or NWOBHM so i picked other.

Heavy metal = Heavy metal
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05.07.2012 - 12:16

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07.07.2012 - 01:14
It's difficult as it changes every five seconds... I lean towards black metal since I really like atmospheric black metal but not a lot of other black metal stuff. So I won't vote.
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07.07.2012 - 16:10
This is difficult to choose one. Five years ago I would have said hands down progressive metal, but honestly, the genre has become stagnant. Hell it was stagnent 10 years ago. I still tend to prefer progressive leaning stuff. I picked other because I would have to say Grindcore and grindcore varients are my favorites. I know Grindcore in many ways is an evolution of punk and hardcore, but these days it's just as metal as anything. I also love black metal, was tempted to choose that. Bands are still finding new and interesting ways to make evil noises and I feel the scene is still going strong.
31.07.2012 - 20:45
Account deleted
I voted other, because i really enjoy slow melodic Norwegian jam metal
04.09.2012 - 06:05
Secundum Filium
While I love many of the genres on here, my favorite metal subgenre overall is Prog definitely. Just take a look at my MS album collection.
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