Progressive Metal Bands for People Who Hate Prog

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Posted by Ganondox, 27.08.2015 - 14:13
Not saying that you'll hate them if you love prog, but these are bands that don't take themselves too seriously and frequently avoid prog cliches that turn people away from the genre like overly long, unstructured songs with pretencious lyrics. Basically any band that can keep a good fun rock n' roll attitude. For example:

Prog Bands for People who love Prog:
Dream Theater
Ne Obliviscaris
Between the Buried and Me

Prog Bands for People who hate Prog:
Devin Townsend Band
Porcupine Tree
Toe Hider
Coheed and Cambira
Mastodon (post-Crack the Skye)

I gave some non-metal bands in the list, but I'm looking more for metal bands, not just neo-prog bands with some metal influence. Many bands like Tool or Savatage I'm not quite sure if the belong in this category, so I'd also like some thoughts on those. If you personally hate prog but like some bands labled as progressive, feel free to share them.
06.03.2020 - 05:47
If you like ayreon, you should check Star One, arjens other prog project.