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Cannibal Corpse

It's Cannibal Corpse. What kind of introduction do you expect from me?

Violence Unimagined

Radu: So we're here with Paul Mazurkiewicz. Did I say that right?

Paul Mazurkiewicz: Yeah, that was good.

Radu: Okay, sorry. I have to brush up on my Polish. The only Polish word that I can truly say is kurwa.

PM: Ah, right. That's a good one, yes. I understand. (laughs)

Radu: (continuing his thought of several sentences ago) …of Cannibal Corpse and not much else, apparently.

PM: No, no.

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A Tribulation interview? When has that ever happened before? Though it's been less that two years since our (my) latest, Tribulation has since came out with a new record, further building into their gothic/heavy metal sound, and I also had the chance to talk with Adam instead of Johannes, so I could get different input on the band's creative process and spiritual inspirations. I could also ask if Johannes brought up the Ghost/Type O Negative covers we speculated in our interview .

When The Gloom Becomes The Sound

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Cult Of Luna

Less than 18 months after releasing the colossal A Dawn To Fear, Cult Of Luna return with The Raging River, a nigh-on 40-minute EP partially featuring material carried over from the A Dawn To Fear sessions. The release features former Screaming Trees vocalist Mark Lanegan as a guest, and is the debut release from Red Creek, the new record label established by Cult Of Luna; the record is distributed by Metal Blade Records and Season Of Mist in North America and Europe, respectively. I had the opportunity to speak with guitarist/vocalist Johannes Persson about the new record, as well as how 2020 has gone for himself and the band.

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