Kaamos - Lucifer Rising (Song by Song)

With: Nicklas [Guitars]
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 07.04.2005

Band profile:

Album info: Lucifer Rising

01. Black Revelation
02. Gnosticon
03. Inaugurating Evil
04. Theriomorphic Pandaemonium
05. Dark Void
06. Lucifer Rising
07. Sacrament In Red
08. Mysterious Reversion
09. Khthonic
10. Outro

I'll just write down what I first associate when reading the song titles… It gets very internal and personal so I doubt anyone gets it but it amuses me.//Nicklas

01. Black Revelations:

Open the Gates

02. Gnosticon:

1st song to be written after our debut. The middle part came out better than expected.

03. Inaugurating Evil:

Starts of with the greatest riff in the World...

04. Theriomorphic Pandeamonium:

Classic stuff. Not the fastest but with a good drive. Like an old Amazon.

05. Dark Void:

Secret number 777. Not a crappy poker hand either.

06. Lucifer Rising:


07. Sacrament in Red:

Tribute to Grotesque '89

08. Mysterious Reversion:

Drums of Doom

09. Chthonic:

2nd song to be written after debut. A personal favourite.

10. Ascent:

Darkness Descent


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