Imperial Crystalline Entombment - Apocalyptic End In White (Song by Song)

With: All members
Conducted by: Undercraft (e-mail)
Published: 14.04.2005

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Imperial Crystalline Entombment
Album info: Apocalyptic End In White

01. Cryogenic Communion
02. Astral Frost Invocation
03. Hypothermic Possession
04. Onward Banshee Legions
05. Apocalyptic Blizzard Regime
06. Upheaving The Ancient Thirst
07. Cascade Cavern Catharsis
08. Convulsing Frigid Death
09. Glacial Lyckanthropic Horde
10. Behold They Frozen Artic Kingdom
11. Råvaskeith's Revenge

1. Cryogenic Communion

The tongue of the amorphous and great Råvaskieth is whispered throughout the winds of Gåmorkian pride, as we gather in communion within the secluded arctic cavern. With mortal children in hand and ice shards dipped in blood, the vicious rapture of astral bleeding mixed with corporeal life fluid, the ancient make their presence known.

2. Astral Frost Invocation

Recalling a midnight preparation mass for the glacial white matter to infect our bodies, souls and earthen environment. Behold the arrival of the first astral blizzard.

3. Hypothermic Possession

Recalling the death of our mortal encasements and the first communion under the then unknown seventh eclipse of the great Råvaskeith. The death of us as we knew it, and the birth of ICE.

4. Onward Banshee Legions

Prophetic revelations of the release of the ancient crystalline hollow, through which the first of the armies shall appear. Amongst the frozen winds and icy hail storms, lie the demonic faces of your deathbringer. Death on site, as they whisk past,
through and inside your quaking, freezing bodies. Global infection, and eradication.

5. Apocalyptic Blizzard Regime

On storm clouds of ice and snow, the regime of ICE and death shall lead the great armies of Råvaskeith across the billowing, pulsing sky freezing everything in subzero temperatures. Raise the staff to thunderclash, for the END is near.

6. Upheaving The Ancient Thirst

Painful bliss, and excruciating rapture, as the deathlust of the ancients rises through our palms, upheaving the the mountains of snow - the burial plot. The great eye of Råvaskeith takes notice, and the process begins.

7. Cascade Cavern Catharsis

Secluded within our icy cavern, our communion begins with the sacrifice of a pack of human children, who come to know first hand the bloodlust of the ancient bleak power.

8. Convulsing Frigid Death

Those left alive within the blizzard snow burial and within their sunken homes, will dig and burrow holes to the surface, only to find the scattered steaming bodies of those who tried the same before them, lying about the vast landscape as the armies of the Ancient
approach ever stronger. The feeble humans freeze to death themselves while engulfed in devastating horror.

9. Glacial Lyckanthropic Horde

The prophetic rise of the Gåmork, from the growling blizzard tornado fields. The left hand guardian to the force of the great Råvaskieth, arises with it's pack of chosen lyckanthropic wolfen spirit forms, hunting through the vast frozen globe to rip apart and dismember all lifeforms remaining.

10. Behold Thy Frozen Artic Kingdom

Behold the END. The beautiful and rightful death of all life, and the return of the ancient presence of Råvaskeith. The earth will be frozen solid, and then the spreading of the portal will begin to unfold throughout the universe, until all black matter returns to the blinding empty space of White.

11. Råvaskieth's Revenge

The fierce arrival of the Råvaskeith form. This is when the storm and the blizzard reaches it's assumed peak. Then it gets even more extreme. The IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT in all it's glory.


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