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Misery Inc. - Random End (Song by Song)

With: Jules Näveri, Niko Mankinen
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 15.03.2006

Band profile:

Misery Inc.
Album info: Random End

01. Hymn For Life
02. Fallen Rage
03. Further/Deeper
04. Yesterday's Grave
05. Apologies Denied
06. Cyanide
07. Source Of Fatal Addiction
08. Greed Rules The World
09. Truth
10. No Excuse For Weakness
11. ... Out Of Here Alive

01. Hymn For Life

Starts with a killer riff and a hellish grunt to make clear that this
is the new shit, forget the old. The story of this song is mainly drawn
in the cover. We are all fools in this burning world living in fear and
that there will be a point where the cup gets filled and that's it.
HFL, maybe one the strongest tracks on the plate and that's why we
wanted to open the record with this one. In this song the vocals get a
lot of attention and they work extremely intense together. Although the
lyrics of the song are dark, there is still a glimpse of hope in it for
us. We wanted to really get rid of all the comparisons to that "certain
band" and this song proves our point. This song also has more concrete

02. Fallen Rage

Again, this song is built upon the depth of two different voices. In
the process of pre-production we felt this song was the embodiment of
the new Misery Inc. It's all about telling everyone to be aware: this
one's gonna hit you hard. We started to analyze this song by the idea
of the video. There are executives who run Misery Incorporated, the
firm of loonies trapped inside their anger without any channels to let
it out. while observing the loonies the executives realize that
sometimes rage is good for you, you need to let it flow. Fallen Rage, a
dialogue by himself is one of the coolest live songs, it's a pit
monster. This song is for schizos and schizophrenics.

03. Further Deeper

Well, you always have to have something for the girls . This song is
about apathy, need and lust. One of the catchiest choruses and it's
easy for the ears. It works fine after two death-grunt-fuck-you songs.
This song has no growls in it. There were some of them planned in the
beginning but while recording it in studio we noticed that they sounded
too lame and didn't really serve the song. Maybe that's why this song
is easier to listen than the others. Further/Deeper represents the more
traditional side of MI, the roots still hail from the 80's. *grin*

04. Yesterday's Grave

After the debut "Yesterday's Grave", we really felt that it started to
taste exactly like it. After a while we were standing on the edge of
that particular yesterday's grave but we managed to turn the tables and
with this song we are all proudly pissing on that grave. We grew up,
left the buhuublaablaa, moved on and killed. The song is about going
far but fortunately not too far to recover.

05. Apologies Denied

No need to be sorry, even when you've done something wrong. No man
shall be the judge upon others. In the end, there is no morality, no
ethics, only one man struggling for himself, alone. This is one of the
most energetic songs in the set. Very nice guitar work, killer chorus
and the drive. This song usually ends the set leaving the audience
wondering what just hit them in the back of the head.

06. Cyanide

Our favorite. The lead riff of this song challenges every great
written riff to a duel. Progressive touch as a whole. Melancholic
chorus and verses full of metal. This one is a perfect combination of
what is great in metal music. The melodies of Cyanide also bring out
our inheritage as Finns. The lyrics are about a collapse of a man and
the whole disgusting reality where some society's rejects have to deal
every fuckin' day. In this country there is so much depression going on
but the idea of a welfare state kills it, people are left in the wheels
of the system just to become more helpless. The cover of a man looks
fine but the inside is totally blank and hollow.

07. Source of Fatal Addiction

There is a feeling of movement from the beginning to the end. This
song gets the pits going on. This is rock n' roll. Again very catchy chorus
and sneaky verse. Little bit of old school and new school mixed
together. It's about letting the steam out, being who you are no matter
what. It's about declaring proudly to everyone to come out behind their
masks. Deep down, man is an animal, with killer instincts, this song is
about using them without compromises.

08. Greed Rules The World

The title tells it all. We all work in this same sweatshop factory for
nickels and dimes. The cream of our work goes to the pigs themselves.
It's the same idea like the book of Orwell's Animal Farm. We come up
with cool ideas to make money, and the more we make the more we "need".
Capitalism and warfare runs this planet. We have no say in it. Greedy
ones have the power, and so shall they ever will. Listen to a song War
Pigs and you should get pretty near what we wanted to say with this
song. Greed rules the world opens the set and disarms the crowd like
what...? A bunch of marines disarming the Iraqis:))) Not very well
pointed metaphor, hah! You got the picture.

09. Truth

This song is also from the traditional side of MI. Our producer had a
lot to do with this song (greetings to Aksu and Entwine) melodramatic
and catchy chorus. This is one of the songs we are not going to play
live. Mainly because of the whole mood of the song. Our average live
performance is much heavier and louder than this song.
Truth is good for the balance of the Random End.

10. No Excuse For Weakness

THRASH! There is nothing more irritating than people who wine and do
nothing about their problems, that is called weakness. And for that
there is no excuses. If you want something, you fight your way through
it and if you don't achieve your goal, at least you tried. There is so
many bands bubbling under and many of them are unbelievable but they
are just great in the cellar if they don't do anything to come out.
There is no right to wine about stuff if you don't do anything for
them. This rules while playing live!

11. Out of Here Alive

One of the bloodiest events in the history of mankind shocked the
writer of this particular song when he was just a boy. A sad reminding
how mass hypnosis works. Massive chorus and fade out in the end. This
is definitely the new sound. This one you have to figure out yourself.


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