Eternal Deformity - The Beauty Of Chaos review


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Band: Eternal Deformity
Album: The Beauty Of Chaos
Release date: April 2012

01. Intro
02. Thy Kingdom Gone
03. Lifeless
04. Pestilence Claims No Higher Purpose
05. Caught Out Lying
06. The Beauty Of The Ultimate End
07. The Sun
08. The Holy Decay

Deformity? Damn straight. Honestly, this mix of progressive/symphonic/melo-black/with a touch of avant-garde doesn't really exhibit a whole lot of entirely new features, but this mix somehow manages to achieve a really fresh sound.

Eternal Deformity play another one of those eclectically homogenous sorts of metal - incorporating a big-ass party-bag of different sounds, yet the delivery is seamless. Though The Beauty Of Chaos does jump around to a number different styles, it can most easily be broken down into two sounds; the hard and the soft.

The soft side, despite being soft, is always still dark and menacing. Think older-era Opeth at their most haunting, then combine it with Arcturus' love of cosmic spacey-ness.

All these haunting spacey moments ramp up flawlessly into the raging moments; there is a touch of progressive side-stepping tempo changes in a few of the riffs, but when it gets flowing it's either straight-up, epically blasting symphonic black metal, or some mean, yet bouncy avant-garde sort of moments, kind of like Akphaezya.

As a whole, this almost comes across as a more easily accessible version of Smohalla's Resilience; darkly haunting, yet extremely feral. The Beauty Of Chaos might serve as a great listen for those who love the overall atmosphere of albums like Resilience, but rather have something with a little more of a direct, memorable flow.

Normally this is where we'd wrap things up with a line like "a must listen for those who love ____", but really, there's so much going on here, it seems like there would be a little something for everyone.


Written on 04.05.2012 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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04.05.2012 - 05:04
Stinky Lips
8.9 rating + accessible Smohalla = wishlist
04.05.2012 - 06:42
Troy Killjoy
Suppose I'll have to check this out for myself asap.
Prettier than BloodTears.
04.05.2012 - 10:49
You just described my favorite kind of music .
04.05.2012 - 13:13
Merchant of Doom
The two samples on ReverbNation are pretty good... on my "to buy" list!
04.05.2012 - 14:23
"The Quaker"
I knew this will be good! When I heard the samples and the two singles few weeks back I had no doubts about this one being awesome.

Thanks for the review Doc!
04.05.2012 - 14:24
Listened to the trailer:

And I have my eyes on it now. Good stuff guys.
04.05.2012 - 14:38
Account deleted
Me wants!
04.05.2012 - 17:09
Old Opeth+Arcturus you say? Must give a listen.
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04.05.2012 - 20:59
Written by Zealot644 on 04.05.2012 at 14:24

Listened to the trailer:

And I have my eyes on it now. Good stuff guys.

That trailer is insanely promising, instantly fell in love with the vocals.
I'll go for it.
04.05.2012 - 21:43
From the album trailer it sounded like extremely well done melodic death, and the bands it reminded me of were Opeth, Finntroll, Enslaved, maybe Cynic, and "insert generic melodic death bands here". I'm ridiculously hyped on this release.
04.05.2012 - 23:52
Void Eater
Account deleted
What, these guys have been around since 1993? And they're practically unknown? That's a damn shame, son.
28.06.2012 - 19:38
Doom Knight
Had this album on repeat for a few weeks now & still can't get enough.
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22.12.2012 - 04:24
This album is just excellent. You use the word "haunting" several times in the review and that's a perfect description!
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