Further Lo - Further Lo review

Band: Further Lo
Album: Further Lo
Website: http://www.furtherlo.com
Release date: 2003

01. I Bleed
02. Attachment Theory
03. Awake
04. The Actor
05. Fanatic
06. Untitled (As I Burn)
07. The Past
08. Pissed Off
09. No Vacancy
10. Eraser
11. The Actor [demo] [bonus]
12. I Bleed [demo] [bonus]

Sometimes band mixes so many different elements, thus creating a strange brew impossible to classify, this is the case of Further Lo, mixing many elements like Hardcore, Nu-Metal, Heavy Metal, Trash Metal and Grunge they created a strange piece of album.

Is hard to keep track of the songs, one minute is Metal, another minute is Grunge, another minute is Hardcore, as main influences I sense Alice In Chains, Godsmack, Iced Earth and Nine Inch Nails in some doze (just listen "No Vacancy"). Pretty wide spectrum of influences right?

The first track "I Bleed" is a nice opener, full of good riffs and aggressive vocals, "Attachment Theory" is also a great follow up for the previous, the Cd goes on, the next interesting song is track 6, "Untitled (As I Burn)" which features nice acoustic guitars, also "The Past" got some good riffing. The rest of the songs are ok I think, but nothing special I guess, that doesn't means that this is a bad album because is not, but I'm not particularly fond of Hardcore and Nu-Metal (although the influences of this last genre are kept to a minimum).

Anyway, is an interesting mix, but lacks the element that makes me headbang, maybe is that some songs start just nicely, very aggressive and those alternative-grunge breaks tear the whole thing apart, too bad because some songs really got potential.

But don't be afraid, you can enjoy this album, if you like the after mentioned genres, this is for you, because the blending of genres is very well done, but if you don't like one of those, the whole effect goes down. Recommended for fans of "mainstream Metal", and for those who like any kind of crossover.

Written by Undercraft | 04.03.2004


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