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Band: Love Like Blood
Album: Chronology Of A Love Affair
Release date: 2001

01. Decades [Joy Division cover]
02. She's In Parties [Bauhaus cover]
03. Strange Day [The Cure cover]
04. Lucretia My Reflection [The Sisters Of Mercy cover]
05. Church Of No Return [Christian Death cover]
06. Wasteland [The Mission cover]
07. Rain [The Cult cover]
08. April Sky [Jesus And The Mary Chain cover]
09. Love Under Will [Fields Of The Nephilim cover]
10. Injustice [Love Like Blood cover]
11. Love Like Blood [Killing Joke cover]
12. True Belief [Paradise Lost cover]
13. Copycat [Lacrimosa cover]
14. Black No. 1 [Rtpe O Negative cover]
15. Whatever That Hurts [Tiamat cover]
16. The Great White World [Marlilyn Manson cover]

Love Like Blood is back, but not with a new album, but with a great idea, a tribute album, so why this is a great idea? Tribute albums are pretty common this days, yeah, I know but let me explain the concept of this "novel" as the band calls it.

Here we have 16 classic tracks of 16 bands of the gothic scene [well some of these songs can't be called "classics" yet], anyway what Love Like Blood have done here is divide the Novel in 4 parts or chapters, each chapter is five years of the scene, like chapter one is 1980-1985, chapter two is 1986-1990, and so on. The cool thing about this one is that when is a tribute album you usually get a bunch of bands doing covers of one band in particular, but here you have one band doing covers of a whole scene, that's grand.

I remember I used to hate those "New Wave" 80's bands when I was a little child, I couldn't stand The Cure, The Mission, The Sisters Of Mercy, Joy Division and those kind of bands, later when I become a Metalhead, I really got into Gothic Metal, and go figure, most of Gothic Metal bands draw influences from these bands I used to hate, and it's funny how I began to enjoy those bands since I knew that they had a connection with Metal , and now, this album is just perfect! I can know more of those songs and done by one of the best Gothic Metal bands around!

About the songs, we have everything, from The Cure to Marilyn Manson [although I don't consider them to be gothic at all], we have also Christian Death, a classic of the scene, Love Like Blood included themselves there with "Injustice" [so, technically there are 15 covers]. Paradise Lost makes their stand also with "True Belief" [my favorite song of them!], Lacrimosa, Type O Negative, Tiamat to name a few contemporary acts included in the tribute.

I'm not going to start the "Compilation" debate, I won't say that this track is better by the original artist who made it, and if this one is crap, nah, and the rating is my personal opinion, Tribute albums are very hard to rate, because it depends on tastes and in how much do you know the original versions, in my case, I don't know many of the original versions of the songs, so I can't say if it's better of worse than the original, but maybe a 80's Gothic fan would say "This is crap!" or "This is great!". I don't know, I just want to say that is a good compilation, if you're into Gothic, and you want to know more of the roots of these genre, done tastefully with a Metal edge, get this one, you have 20 years of music in one album! If that's not a good deal, you can kick me in the face until I cry some blood!

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003



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15.08.2010 - 03:11
Almost perfect, but with one mistake...and that's the cover of Black no.1, which is really done without a soul and sounds awfuly shallow. Also True Belief could be better, they have cut away all the power from such a fantastic song.

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