The Defaced - Karma In Black review


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Band: The Defaced
Album: Karma In Black
Release date: April 2003

01. Fumes From The Swamp
02. Once In Between
03. 10 vs. 9
04. Exit Body On Mass
05. Beneath My Swirl
06. A Moment Of Clarity
07. The Fading Suns
08. Soulsides
09. Forever Winding
10. Karma In Black

What happens if you mix some Swedish Melodic Death metal with some thrash and a little of Nu Metal? and what happens when you mix the talents of talented musicians of well established acts such as Soilwork and Darkane? Well the answer is easy, you get The Defaced.

This album, sophomore release of The Defaced is full of killing riffs and aggressive parts, and some mellows too, The first track "Fumes from the Swamp" reminds me of old Pantera, this songs really bring back some memories! "Exit Body Mass" is another great song, with some Alice in Chains influences, and a great and catchy chorus. Other great songs are "The Fading Suns" and "Soulsides"

The vocals in this album are really great, and the guitars have that Swedish touch that we all know and love! The production is crystal clear and the artwork is great too. But [there's always a but!], after hearing for years a lot of melodic death from Sweden I have to say that this release doesn't top the quality of the style. This is more straight forward music, that will appeal to the masses, whether you're fan of death metal or not. The important thing is that this album is fun, I really enjoy listening this one, and that's the goal for any band, isn't it?

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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