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Band: Deathhammer
Album: Evil Power
Release date: April 2015

01. Warriors Of Evil
02. Total Metal
03. Satan Is Back
04. Powertrip
05. Sinner's Possession
06. Belial's Curse
07. Rot In Shreds
08. Omen Of The Beast

It was bumping into tables, repeating anecdotes repeatedly, hitting on old women sloppiness that made Onward To The Pits so memorable. This isn't like that. Not totally at least. Evil Power sounds more controlled. It's like Deathhammer thought more about it all and are showing off more of their range on this, like they minded minutiae and technicalities (a little) more than before or something. It seems a bit less gulped and a little more sipped.

The chi of this is the yin-yang, perhaps; the lead-work seems catchier than before and, in turn, is highlighted more. The guitars are crunched up more tightly and sound more toasted. I'd say that's a good thing mostly, but the big drawback to it seems to be one that's pretty unique to Deathhammer; they sound better when they sound sloppier.

Part of the problem might be how the mix affects the vocals. Idiosyncratic might be an understatement for their delivery and despite the actual pain that they can inflict, they just work. They fit Deathhammer. They also work better on their last album. On Onward they seemed to screech out from under the tunes. On this they sound screeched out over the tunes. As the vocals were the most easily distinguishable aspect of their last release, I don't know if this is a mild case of rolling with gimmicks or not. I doubt it, but Sergeant Salsten's shrieking seems yanked out and sort of compartmentalizes the sound overall.

What they do is still neck-tweaking and shit-wrecking though. Deathhammer makes black-thrash that sounds purely like Deathhammer made it--a good thing--and comparing them to their peers or their influences is difficult. There aren't many bands that can capture the sound of ample, sloshing beer like they can. If there are any, that is. They play violently, with caution thrown to the wind and probably three or so sheets, whatever that means, to the wind too. They do obnoxious obnoxiously well. Pure, shrill, spiky sloshingness you'll get from them. This just sounds more ragged up is all, less fluid.


Written on 04.07.2015 by Wormdrink's real name is George and he's an American.


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