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Band: Warrior Path
Album: Warrior Path
Release date: March 2019

01. Riders Of The Dragons
02. The Hunter
03. A Sinnersworld
04. Stormbringers
05. Black Night
06. The Path Of The Warrior
07. Fight For Your Life
08. Mighty Pirates
09. Dying Bird Of Prey
10. Valhalla I'm Coming

Warrior Path is the debut album of Greek guitarist and composer Andreas Sinanoglou's project, named… Warrior Path. Ok, I can see the lack of excitement on your part. Well, what if I tell you that he is joined by Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast In Black) on vocals and guitarist/keyboardist Bob Katsionis (Firewind and many others) on guitars, bass and keyboards?

Warrior Path play epic heavy/power metal -the album art is an obvious giveaway- and they are pretty good at it. According to Andreas Sinanoglou the music has been inside him since he was 18 years old and he never intended to release it as an album of a proper band, he just wanted to record the songs for his own pleasure. When he contacted Bob Katsionis, who is also the producer of the album, the idea of a record release was born and Katsionis also convinced Yannis Papadopoulos to take part in it.

Warrior Path is highly melodic and guitar-driven, epic in nature and with the right amount of cheese thrown in. "Stormbringers" is proof of my words. Power metal dynamites such as "The Hunter", "A Sinnersworld", "Fight For Your Life" and "Mighty Pirates" are blood-pumping anthems and the galloping "Riders Of The Dragons" (reminiscing "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner") is a fitting opener to prepare you for battle. However, the album is not just hard-hitting and one-dimensional since it includes a lot of acoustic respite, either in the form of ballads (I'll get to those in the next paragraph) or in the form of intros, outros and bridges. The best example of this seamless transition between slower, acoustic parts, epic riffs and grandiose harmonies is the 10-minute long "The Path Of The Warrior".

The production is somewhat vintage-sounding but also modern around the edges and highlights all the musicians' undoubted talent. The only flaw of the album is that it would benefit from some trimming. The inclusion of three ballads that take up one third of its duration is a bit too much, even if Yannis's voice absolutely shines through them. The fact that they all appear after the first twenty minutes affects the flow, making the record feel uneven and using two of them to wrap it up does not help either.

Despite these complaints, Warrior Path will certainly appeal to the fans of the more traditional styles of metal and it is surprisingly good, given the fact that it came literally out of nowhere. So what are you waiting for? Grab your sword and fight for glory.

"If I fall in the end
With the sword in my hand
Valhalla, I'm coming"


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