Weeping Sores - False Confession review

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Band: Weeping Sores
Album: False Confession
Release date: September 2019

01. Scars Whispering Secret Tongues
02. Song Of Embers
03. Transfiguration Of Flesh Into Dreams
04. The Leech Called Shame
05. Valediction Prayer
06. Sink Beneath The Waves

Minimal disgusting artwork for some filthy death doom riffs. And a violin.

Weeping Sores is a trio where most of the instruments, and the vocals are handled by Doug Moore, vocalist of Pyrrhon. Along with him there is a drummer. And a violinist. I'm sure you expected the former but not the latter and so did I. The violin's presence is about as great as I though it would be, and its addition takes this from a very well made death doom album to something to really remember.

Even without the violin, False Confession is such a masterful album, at its core a death doom album, but one that is so dynamic and confident that it reaches into black metal and death thrash and funeral doom and OSDM and sludge and extreme prog with ease before returning to the bludgeoning riffs and the primitively low growls. It changes pace and it shows more emotion and melody than I ever thought death doom could get without sounding too much like the Peaceville Three. The styles present seem to meld quite seamlessly, which is obviously quite a daunting task when just making a simple meat-and-potatoes death doom album would've been just as easy, so the songwriting makes it so that False Confession benefits from both the death parts and the doom parts.

And then there's the violin. It's obviously absent in a lot of the meatier parts, but once it makes its presence known, it captivates without being melodramatic or too cheesy. Instead it provides just the right atmospheric touches that the album benefits from. So with all of its components it would seem like the album would get a really avantgarde feel, but every touch feels so natural, like the building blocks have some really top notch cement to stick them together. It's clear that a lot of it is owed to Pyrrhon already off-kilter and progressive approach to brutality, but Weeping Sores is enough of a whole different beast.

At just under an hour, False Confession builds upon the sound that their debut self-titled EP (or almost full length at over half an hour in runtime) to create some of the most interesting death doom I've heard lately.


Written on 06.10.2019 by My opinion is objective, sorry if you don't agree, but you're wrong.

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