Heartplay - Where The Deadends Meet review

Band: Heartplay
Album: Where The Deadends Meet
Release date: October 2004

01. Don't You Ever Fall
02. That Kind Of Girl
03. Never Again
04. Grateful
05. Tempted
06. This Time
07. Silhouettes
08. If There's A Way
09. Running Man
10. Bridges Burning

There's one thing you should have in mind before reading any further, this is westcoast rock, popish AOR. So if you have no interest in this, stop reading now and go and find a review more suitable for you.
So you're still reading? Then I'll assure that you have some kind of interest in AOR/Westcoast music.

Heartplay was founded by Sakari Salli and Kimmo Blom in 1997, it took them four years to release their first album, simply entitled "The Album", after that they took a break, and the members were busy in different projects. Sakari (Keyboards) started composing music for films, TV series and commercials.
Kimmo (Vocals) recorded music with the AOR gurus Urban Tale.
Kalle Torniainen (Drums) became a producer; Simo Saastamoinen (Bass) toured and recorded an album with his band Jean S. Tuomas Wäinölä (Guitars) was touring with Nylon Beat.
But then Sakari started to compose new songs that Kimmo laid some lyrics on them, and a new Heartplay album was in the making, and now released through MTM Music.

The album I'm talking about it the very album this review is all about, "Where the Deadends Meet", a very good westcoast album.
With very skilled musicians and extremely well written songs, this album will conquer a very high position in my AOR/Westcoast top-list.
All songs got something that makes it better than the others, and that's very good ability, and when they are sung by Kimmo, that got a voice that's made for this kind of music, the whole album gets a bit better.

And with such even and good songs, 40 minutes feels very short, I really wish that it was at least 15 minutes longer, but you can't get everything here in life.
And I'm sure that we'll get much more from Sakari and Kimmo in a near future, otherwise we have the debut from Heartplay and both Urban Tale albums to listen to meanwhile we're waiting.

So if you're like me, that really enjoy a good AOR/Westcoast album, you should really check this out. I'm really stuck in it, and how knows, maybe you will be too? It's really a pearl that I hope many will discover, so do your self a favour, and try Heartplay.

Check Out: "Don't You Ever Fall", "Grateful", "Silhouettes", "If There's a Way" & "Running Man",

Written by Malcolm | 02.11.2004


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