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Godiva - Call Me Under 666 review


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Band: Godiva
Album: Call Me Under 666
Release date: May 2005

01. Headache Machine (Intro)
02. Hellraiser
03. Call Me Under 666
04. My Fate
05. When Lightning Strikes
06. Only Heaven Knows
07. The Flight Of The Dragon
08. Maneater
09. Proud To Be A Beast
10. Soulkiller
11. Free My Soul
+ When Lightning Strikes [video]

We'll move on to the May releases from Limb (they are really productive, this label), and first out we have the Swiss Heavy Metal band Godiva.
They released their self-titled debut two years ago, and that album did really good, in the underground scene, but over that not that many noticed it.
But now it's time for their second album, and this time they have really made an excellent "trade".
During the recordings of "Call Me Under 666" the vocalist Anthony de Angelis left and the band had to find a new singer, and they did, and what a catch too. Godiva found no other than ex-Victory vocalist Fernando Garcia (he replaced Victory's original vocalist Charlie Huhn in 1989 and stayed in Victory until 1996).

The self-titled debut was a really decent album, in my eyes (or maybe I should say ears), but it suffered pretty much in a few places, some of those were the vocals and the material (the music in general) felt a bit to common to really gain any attention.
So personally I think the change of singer is a good thing for Godiva, now they have one of the better behind the mic, so that problem is out of the way.
The music (material) this time is also better, but it's till a bit uneven, strong tracks like "Call Me Under 666" & "When Lightning Strikes" is mixed with more mediocre ones like "My Fate" & "Hellraiser".

Godiva didn't only add a new singer; they also added a second guitarist (Moses B. Fernandez) to a bunch of already exceptional musicians.
Because if it was something that caught my attention on the debut it was the playing, guitars, bass and drums, all was really great, it was only the production that ruined that part.
Here it's better, the music is heavy and you'll get a lot of bass and with an extra guitar the music got a new depth too.

Personally I like this album, almost everything Godiva could make better from the debut is better here, a better singer, a greater depth in the music, better production and greater material, and even some completely wonderful tracks, but it's a little to uneven.
But I fear that the album, and the band, won't get all the attention they deserve, much because the album still suffers in the material, a few more songs like the title-track and "When Lightning Strikes" would make the album much more interesting, because Godiva got what it takes, they now have a world-class singer too, a great-playing band and the ability to write catchy songs, they just have to get all those parts in the same direction.

Check Out: "Call Me Under 666", "When Lightning Strikes" & "Only Heaven Knows".

Written by Malcolm | 24.06.2005


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