Hellfueled - Born II Rock review


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Band: Hellfueled
Album: Born II Rock
Release date: 2005

01. Can't Get Enough
02. Regain Your Crown
03. Look Out
04. Friend
05. Born II Rock
06. Old
07. Girls Girls
08. On The Run
09. Angel
10. Make It Home
11. I Don't Care

Do you like Black Sabbath? Would you like to hear Black Sabbath in a faster and less doomy way? Well, that'll probably never happen, but if you would really wanna hear that I might have just the thing for you here; Sweden's Hellfueled, with a singer that sounds almost like the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne and a sound that many times reminds, at least me, about Black Sabbath's faster songs (but without the copyrighted Iommi guitar sound) they are here to show us that they are Born II Rock.

Before you're starting to get preconceived notion about Hellfueled as a Black Sabbath copycat band, you should know that they are very different from Sabbath as well. One thing is the speed, Hellfueled is much faster, their music is also way more traditional Heavy Metal and doesn't contain any doom influences. Then Andy's voice is slight different from Ozzy's as well.

Anyway, "Born II Rock" is Hellfueled's second album, their debut "Volume One" did really great and the band grew quite much after the release. Personally I've just heard a few songs a couple of times from that album, but what I can remember is only good, so I'll speak of this album with quite neutral tongue (ears).
Kicking off with "Can't Get Enough" Hellfueled gets going in a very high tempo, that will be one of a few, red threads throughout the whole album.
The song itself oozes Sabbath, but the speed, the lyrics (of course) and the "foundation" is different, but it's still a very good starter and you'll hear already here if you should continue on listening of just turn it off, because if you don't like it, you'll not like the rest of the album.

The following songs are all great and incredible even, it's very hard to pick any favourites of such a "line-up", but the songs that made the greatest impression on me is "Look Out", "Old" (that's the best on the album), "Girls Girls" and "Angel" (that's the one that sounds most like Sabbath, at least in the chorus, listen to Andy's voice here).
And now we're at the point where I'm supposed to tell you about any bad parts of the album, and believe me, this time it's hard, much harder than usual, since I'm a really die-hard Sabbath fan, I can't but enjoy this record, but if I shall use that neutral tongue again and see it from another ones eyes I would say: the similarities (at least) in the vocals is a bit too close and the music is very noisy and demands a likening for Heavy Metal in a great amount to be enjoyable.
Except of that I can't think on any that would be negative with this young and very promising Swedish Heavy Metal band.

So if you're into Heavy Metal, you like Black Sabbath, Ozzy at least, and want to hear how they would sound like when playing straight, clean and fast Heavy Metal, then check out Hellfueled, this band was Born II Rock!

Go rock 'em boys!

Check Out: "Look Out", "Old", "Angel" & "Can't Get Enough".

Written by Malcolm | 18.10.2005


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