Backstreet Girls - Sick My Duck review

Band: Backstreet Girls
Album: Sick My Duck
Release date: 2003

01. Hard Roxx
02. Black Boogie Death Rock' Roll
03. Gutter Talk
04. Boogie My Life Away
05. Damn That Man
06. Feed The Monkey
07. Sick My Duck
08. Hizbollah Rock 'N Rollah
09. Born Bad
10. Hiroshima Shakin'
11. Drink 'Till We Stink
12. Downtown Shocker
13. Partypounder
14. Victory

Well o well! What we got here!? Good ol' dirty glam sleaze hard rock that rolls all the way, rolling from the north of Europe to the core of the earth, shaking the foundations of the world! Backstreet Girls (oh yeah!) hail from Norway and with their latest attempt, "Sick My Duck" (nice title, huh?), they return stronger sounding dirtier than ever before.

The whole album is filled with an intense party attitude, alcohol, women and sins! One thing is for sure, you won't regret listening to such a small sparkling diamond simply because you will be feeling really upbeat through its whole duration, rolling and posing in your room all alone as if you were singing in front of a big female crowd screaming your name in ecstasy!

What I deeply adored in "Sick My Duck" (oh yeah!) was the fact that the guitars are heavily distorted and they definitely rock, but there are moments that a The Cramps attitude comes in (like on "Black Boogie Death Rock N' Roll") and all hell breaks loose! This is, up to an extent of course, the sound document of how The Cramps would have sounded if they wanted to sound heavy and roll in more powerful ways and damn, this is so awesome!

As I said above, the guitar work is heavy and rocks hard and the one wonderful dirty riff comes after the other making you wanna trash your room! A punk feeling appears, expressed through heavier ways of expression for sure, keeping the rolling attitude alive and burning! Some solos are always welcome here and there making the songs more affected, rolling still at all costs! The rhythm section sounds unerring, lending pure groove to the compositions, keeping the dance n' trash feeling in the air! Well, when it comes to the singer I have only one thing to say, he has THE voice, which means no emotion, no sugar, no love, just sleazy ultra dirty and husky from the cigarettes (of any kind) and the alcohol vocals that raise hell!

Press the play button and listen to the whole album non-stop on the repeat! Some songs that stand out as highlights have to be "Boogie My Life Away" (a real hymn!), "Black Boogie Death Rock N' Roll", "Damn That Man", "Sick My Duck", "Hizbollah Rock N' Rollah" and "Hiroshima Shakin'"!

If you find it somewhere and you truly adore dirty music do yourself a favor and JUST buy it!

"Boogie, boogie my life away!"


Written on 08.02.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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