Godhead - The Shadow Line review

Band: Godhead
Album: The Shadow Line
Release date: 2006

01. Trapped In Your Lies
02. Hey You
03. The Gift
04. Fall Down
05. Push
06. Another Day
07. Once Before
08. Unrequited
09. Through The Cracks
10. Goodbye
11. Your End Of Days
12. Inside Your World

I seem to recall having some sort of interest in Godhead a few years ago back when Marilyn Manson took the band under his black wings, signed them onto his label, sang on their album and probably made some coffee for them too while he was at it. Well, whatever interest I might have had, it has definitely waned by now after hearing The Shadow Line, which is a classic example of music made by a band that is content in being located on precisely the same page throughout their entire career.

Basically, Jason C Miller and co. go through the motions. They indulge in tired industrial rock and goth metal clichés. The songwriting is pretty uninspired throughout. While this is all not completely indigestible in small doses (the melodies are actually memorable, the production is good, the vocals are solid), as a whole, the album is simply something that doesn't draw attention for a very long time. We're dealing here with the same tried and true formula of mid-tempo rhythms, simple power-chord chugging riffs and soaring (yet sorrowful) vocals. We've heard this all before and it wasn't particularly engaging to begin with. Also, I think the current alternative metal scene might have had more than its allowed share of similar bands. To top all of this off, Godhead treat us to some of the wors't ballads I have ever heard: "Fall Down" and "Inside Your World".

All in all, this is a pretty mediocre album. I wouldn't recommend it anyone unless you are really in the mood for some unobtrusive and formulaic industrial rock.


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17.11.2010 - 17:06
Liver Failure
Agree man...

I would call this more of a post-grunge than anything else... can't see how 3seconds of electronic little noises makes this album industrial.
Pure crap.

Not that their early albuns were some serious masterpieces.. but I can extract lots of good moments from Power Tool Stigmata.

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