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Band: Amulance
Album: The Rage Within And The Aftermath
Release date: 2007

01. Black Moon Rising
02. Living On The Ruin
03. 7-th Son
04. Death Wish
05. Witch's Sin
06. The Rage Within
07. World Of Corruption
08. Bounty Hunter
09. Monsters
10. Aberration
11. Haunted
12. Daughter's Hell

Amulance is not the most famous band of the American scene but back in the end of the 80's, this combo from Illinois released a nice album of Speed Metal ("Feel The Pain") and it's not surprising to see today that StormSpell Records chose to re-release their first demo (in addition of some unreleased songs). No doubt, this is a good way to discover a band which unfortunately didn't get a well deserved success.

Between Iron Maiden and Megadeth, Amulance played in the 80's some cool "old school" Metal. The riffs of the songs on the demo are all really catchy and it's nice to see that, back in time, some bands were able to mix the anger of Thrash with the melodies of Heavy Metal without any problems. Also, the vocals of Rik Baez are all really high-pitched so it really sounds "80's" but it's cool to listen to such voice and believe anyway, the twelve songs of this CD are nice and extremely catchy. It's just a nice mix of Judas Priest and Maiden with Thrashy influences and yes it works!

Even if "The Rage Within And The Aftermath" compiles a demo ("The Rage Within") and some unreleased songs, the sound is not bad at all and this re-edition is classy with a nice big booklet and a lot of pictures and classy artworks. I don't know if it will be easy for you to buy this album but if you like the spirit of the Metal releases of the 80's believe me "The Rage Within And The Aftermath" should be a nice buy for you.

I still don't understand why Amulance didn't find any real success, their music was good and the band was really charismatic but well whatever, sometime it's a bit hard to understand why some bands get success and some others notů So let's try to reaper this mistake and have a look on this release, if you like old school Metal this is a must for you! And by the way, the band have officially reformed to record a second album so don't forget the name maybe that we will have a great surprise soon!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 07.08.2007



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07.08.2007 - 16:51
Awesome name hahahah.
"Summoned By Words Never Spoken Before..."
07.08.2007 - 23:01
Hmm I heard their songs on Myspace and I didn't really like them the voice is really really high pitched at times >.<
*All Blood Runs The Same*
08.08.2007 - 18:48
Written by Hyvaarin on 07.08.2007 at 16:51

Awesome name hahahah.

Hahaha yeah! I can't believe they spelled "Ambulance" wrong!

Those whacky, uneducated metalheads smoking too much pot!
The Mao loves you all!!!


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