Aria - С Кем Ты? review


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Band: Aria
Album: С Кем Ты?
Release date: 1986

01. Воля И Разум
02. Встань, Страх Преодолей
03. Здесь Куют Металл
04. С Кем Ты?
05. Без Тебя
06. Память О...
07. Икар
08. Игры Не Для Нас

The second album of the russian metallers Aria is called Whom Are You With? This time the sound is much more consolidated and driving to the 80's metal and hard rock that the decade is known for.

The cd opens with a considerable hard rock track á la Scorpions, 'Will And Reason' or in russian bolja y rasum. The second song is comparable in style to old Maiden, Tygers Of Pan Tang or Scorpions again.The third song is once more hard rock, a Keel, Alcatrazz and similar bands reminder, but the playing is rather lazy and you soon get the impression that this is rather a filler. Much better is the following song, the title track 'S kem ty (Whom Are You With?)'. The rock ballad 'Without you is quite ok, but definitely not the highlight of the album. Memory about is a solo/instrumental, hard to decide in parts of you are hearing a bass being played high or a guitar very deep... anyway it's quite cool, though not too representative for the album. Better have a listen to 'Ikar (Icarus)', not to mix up with 'Flight Of Icarus' by 'Iron Maiden', though it's the most metal song on the album with similar features it has to be clearly distinguished from the Maiden classic, Ikar is my overall favourite on this album. The final song 'Igry Ne Dlja Nas (Game Not For Us)' is pure hard rock, also one of the better tracks on the album.

All in all the second album makes a more solid appeal in terms of playing hard rock and hevy metal, while 'Manija Vjelichija (Megalomania)' had rather an appeal of finding a way between experimental, traditional and metal music.

Written by Pierre Tombale | 05.07.2004


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