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Band: Carpathian Forest
Album: Morbid Fascination Of Death
Release date: 2001

01. Fever, Flames And Hell
02. Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living Dead
03. Morbid Fascination Of Death
04. Through Self Mutilation
05. Knokkelmann
06. Warlord Of Misanthropy
07. A World Of Bones
08. Carpathian Forest
09. Cold Comfort
10. Speechless
11. Ghoul
12. Nostalgia

Morbid Fascination Of Death, the bands breaking point for the most part of this band, along with a degree of line up changes to say the least. The line up, which includes the likes of Tchort who did work for Emperor and mostly dabbled in his band Green Carnation, Blood Red Throne; Vrangsinn who helped on the solo project with Nattefrost, entitled Nattefrost; and then Anders Kobro who has also worked with Tchort in Blood Red Throne and Green Carnation. This line up as well is current as of today, it hasn't changed and it was brought to attention with Strange Old Brew, which is when it started to change.

This album starts off like the rest, with a good introduction that has nothing really to do with the rest of the album, much like the instrumental or just plain odd songs that seem to come up here and there throughout the albums.

The first real song that opens up is " Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living Dead. ", which has more of a modern Carpathian Feel to it, other then the earlier mix of various oddities from their previous albums. However, it still has the same rockish feel to it that some, if not half of the songs currently in the Carpathian Forest catalog possess. But honestly, the lyrics come up with the generic " Anti-Christian " lyrics, not the violent ones, but more of the " We want our home back. " But it really isn't bad, but they are tiresome for the most part and usually end up at the bottom of the stack for their bland sense of style.

The next song, " Morbid Fascination Of Death. " which is the title track to this album is a good track, fast for the most part, not really on the territory known for Carpathian Forest but indeed a good track. The lyrics are decent, but not generic, they are what Nattefrost is known for, death and misanthropy. Mostly they speak of a dead world, a shiftless mind, and negligence. Over all the track is decent, its not a stand out, but its not an average track on this album.

Song number four is called, " Through Self Manipulation. " Misanthropy and Suicide, expressed in its best form by frostbitten. A lot of the work that Carpathian Forest does, its got a lot of elements that are noticeable by the naked ear, much like the encompassing bass guitar and the signature rock-n-roll drumming. Nothing more to say, but this track has a definition stand alone sound with it, much like the next track... Knokkelman. Honestly, I can't speak a hint of Norwegian, so I cant tell what the lyrics are about. The track, music wise, is very good. Its standard in sound and seems that it sound be on an album earlier then this release.

Now, I know I'm skipping ahead and I apologize, but there is actually a remastered version of a previous track that was only available on an earlier EP, which the song is titled, " Carpathian Forest. " One of the first tracks from the earlier days, when they only had demo's that gave them no justice to their sound. This track is very good and as a remastered version, its actually a lot better then the previous version. Which is very rare. Another track that appears on this album, which is entitled Ghoul, I believe is a Mayhem cover. Its honestly another very good track and is very rare, because its hard to find a good cover that actually sounds better and feels more at home then the original.

Over all, this album is very good and deserves an 8.5, out of 10. Its not completely perfect, nor is it a masterpiece, but it is above average. It doesn't however grace the name of Carpathian Forest and show the hints of why they are one of the better Black Metal bands that came out of Norway.

Stand out tracks - Through Self Manipulation, Carpathian Forest, and A World Of Bones.

Written by Prugor | 15.07.2004


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05.07.2006 - 22:20
Mr. Noise
Ghoul is indeed a Mayhem cover.
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

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03.04.2009 - 01:17
Liver Failure
Short and heavier than the previous.. just good.

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