Eyefear - The Unseen review


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Band: Eyefear
Album: The Unseen
Release date: November 2008

01. Hypnosis (Intro)
02. Illusions
03. Bridge To The Past
04. The Unseen
05. Always Reasons
06. Wasting Away (Alone)
07. From Darkness Till Dawn
08. Confessions
09. A Clouded Mind

It's good to see that the really good Aussie band Eyefear is still active and now signed on the really good label Dockyard 1. I don't know if you remember it but I already wrote a review of their previous album "A World Full Of Grey" and I was already predicting the future success of this band. You know what, when I have a look at their new release I can tell you that I was not wrong because "The Unseen" their new release is just one of the best surprises of the year 2008 for me. Definitely, Eyefear knows what good Metal is!

One more time, "The Unseen" is an excellent album which mixes with a lot of ability Progressive and dark Power Metal. Don't be afraid of the word "Power" because Eyefear is definitely not in the category of the European Power Metal bands which use to play fast hyper melodic music and talk about dragons. First, the music of Eyefear is not so fast but above everything else this is really dark and even a bit melancholic. This is not Gothic of course but I like the obscure side of Eyefear music. On the other hand the Progressive elements featured on the album (essentially proposed by the keyboards) are just excellent. Eyefear sounds a bit like Evergrey but this is definitely not a clone and the band has its own personality. This new album is in my opinion their most accomplished one, with the deeper songs and I'm sure that the people who use to listen to Prog Metal will like a lot this release.

Technically speaking, the guys are a bunch of great musicians. The guitars and keyboards soli are really good and the rhythmic of the bass and drums are top-notch. The singer is also impressive and his voice, between Heavy and classic Prog Metal is one of the best that I hear lately. The album was recorded at Sammy Giaccotto's home studio and mixed by Tommy Hansen and I can tell you that it's perfect too. Seriously it's hard to find something bad in this release and I don't give the maximum rating this is just because the band can still do better things in my opinion and I'm sure that they will surprise us again in the future.

If you still don't know Eyefear, I highly recommend you to check their new album "The Unseen". This is a really good release of dark Power/Prog Metal and one of my best surprises (or let's say confirmation) of the year. If you're looking for classy music played by classy musicians and want to listen to cool Prog I hope that you won't miss this release. Please have a look at "The Unseen".

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 03.12.2008



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05.12.2008 - 10:23
Sometimes the voice of the singer reminds me of Communic's singer Oddleif Stensland ... impressive and very powerful.
29.12.2008 - 12:09
Nice album although their previous one is much better...
26.06.2011 - 08:09
Account deleted
Excellent album, I enjoy it immensely
15.08.2011 - 01:01
Listening to this now and it's friggin badass.
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