Lacrimosa - Stille review


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Band: Lacrimosa
Album: Stille
Release date: 1997

01. Der erste Tag
02. Not Every Pain Hurts
03. Siehst du mich im Licht
04. Deine Nähe
05. Stolzes Herz
06. Mein zweites Herz
07. Make It End
08. Die Strasse der Zeit

1997, "Stille"; the tragic figure of the clown stands alone on the stage ready to start the show in front of an empty audience holding in his arms his painful violin, his only friend. Solitude surrounds him and he starts to play, bleeding melodies echo and the shadows gather to befriend and accompany him as he interprets all alone on the stage. The smile on his face seems so fake, so artificial, only his eyes speak of the bitter truth, only his eyes, a mirror of his soul, of how pain has blossomed in him dancing with his soul in bitter entwine.

Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi with "Stille" seem to reach perfection, something that they would achieve two years later with "Elodia", in song-writing, expression and atmosphere, an album filled with an intense sense of drama, as every Lacrimosa release, and theatrical interpretation by this beautiful duet in tragedy, Anne and Tilo, pouring themselves into a world of emotions and grey colors. The guitars are high-quality, the riffing is stunning and the solos ecstatic and in a heavy mood, the rhythm section lends groove to the compositions, the symphonies are highly inspired, imposing at times escalating the emotional charge of the songs whilst at others so painfully beautiful, so emotional, o melancholic harmonizing in a unique way with Tilo's interpretation that whether he screams eerily, sings or recites sounds so descriptive and Anne Nurmi's emotional expressive voice making the whole atmosphere more intense. Embrace the emotional beauty of Lacrimosa, let pure emotions overrun your soul, let the rose's petals caress your face…

In the lonely theatre of Lacrimosa "The First Day" starts to echo and the main figure of the drama realizes his contradictive emotions for her as the heart-rending melodies accompany Tilo's emotional interpretation harmonizing beautifully with both the guitars and the symphonic ideas. "The First Day" is over and he begins to realize that "Not every pain hurts"; imposing at times whilst at others deeply emotional symphonies surround you along with the guitars accompanying Anne's beautiful voice as she interprets lyrics of inner will to go on, to rise from your ashes, collect the pieces of your heart and continue knowing that "without any pain it wouldn't be the same, experiences made me strong". The drama flows and the guitar work is stunning and reigns supreme through the whole duration of "Can you see me in the light" pacing with Tilo' descriptive voice interpreting lyrics of how it feels to deceived when the person you consider your other half cannot understand you, will never understand you, yet you still hope…

A melancholic piano piece alongside some bleeding guitar melodies open the following "Your Closeness" and the eerily beautiful voice of Tilo burns the shrouds with his ecstatic interpretation that turns to trembling singing expressing full of emotion how much he loves her in a time when the words have lost their sound, when there's nothing left to say. A "Proud Heart" starts to beat in emotional tone as the beautiful-sounding symphonies accompany Tilo's deeply descriptive interpretation expressing the thoughtful lyrics in the way only he knows with the piano pieces painting the soundscape with grey colors. "Stille" flows with "Mein Zweites Herz", based on serene and imposing symphonies harmonizing with Tilo's fragile voice reaching "Make it End" in which Anne unfolds her lovely voice floating in the air like a siren as the unerring guitar riffing and inspired symphonies accompany her. The curtains fall with the ending theme, "The Road of Time", the shameful road of mankind through "fear", "egoism", "blind hate", "ruin", "stupidity", "bestial behavior", yet hope still shines in the horizon, a chance to remain humane…

The show, "Stille", has ended, the clown played the final act of the drama. He stands still in front of the empty audience waiting for a soul to appear. And he would start again the show, one figure in tragedy acting on stage playing his part fluently once more in this act, life…


Written on 25.11.2004 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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12.08.2007 - 00:43
Well done, I like this review, no question, it's Lacrimosa's best!
And sometimes I despair
At who I've become
I have to come to terms
With what I've done
02.10.2008 - 11:35
Totemic Lust
Well done my friend... this album is just too beautiful to put into words myself.

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