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Band: Misery Index
Album: Heirs To Thievery
Release date: May 2010

01. Embracing Extinction
02. Fed To The Wolves
03. The Carrion Call
04. Heirs To Thievery
05. Spectator
06. Illuminaught
07. The Seventh Cavalry
08. Plague Of Objects
09. You Lose
10. Sleeping Giants
11. Day Of The Dead
12. The Devil's Onion Ring [Japanese bonus]

Grindcore/Death metal
Recorded: Wright Way Studios, USA 2010
Label: Relapse Records
Total Running Time: 34:15

This is so it. Misery Index just owned pretty much all the brutal metal releases of 2010. All the rest can go back to picking out blue belly button fluff with your crappy albums. You might be brutal, but you'll never be Misery Index brutal.

The winning lottery ticket is called Heirs To Thievery, the blazing successor of Traitors, the pinnacle of all that was filthy and ruthless in 2008.

Heirs To Thievery has every ingredient to kick all kinds of ass. Vocals that are barbarian yet so pleasing you might very well label them as the Morgan Freeman vocals of savage death metal. Riffs that are so primal and overpowering they probably fight crime at night in some kickass costume. Drumming that is so relentless and unmerciful it can kill Ebola on the spot. This isn't a rocket science formula, but because of their maturity, Misery Index know how to bring it in an intelligent and authentic way.

In some sense, Misery Index is the Godfather of grindcore. Their presence is so overwhelming, pulverizing and skull-crushing they demand a great deal of respect and several repeated loud listens. And they most certainly ain't to be fucked with. Heirs To Thievery is their proper version of the horse head warning sign.

The degree of ferocious violence on the album is near unseen - in such matter that my furniture practically started smashing itself. Seriously, my living room looks like downtown Baghdad because of these guys. Anyone who has a hard-on for the heavier stuff should check this out. If you don't, you might as well chop off your balls while you're at it. You're obviously not using those and therefore don't deserve to have them in the first place. The album is a bit short though... but so is your penis. The repeat button. Use it.

Dear Misery Index, for this A++ review you owe me a string of live shows... and a new living room.

Written by Thryce | 08.06.2010



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08.06.2010 - 17:48
+1 to the review...misery index is a fucking beast
08.06.2010 - 18:53
Urban Monster
Haha, great review man. Haven't listened to it in the past few weeks but it is indeed one killer of an album. I'll also agree that no band matches the sonic anger and heaviness these dudes put forth.
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08.06.2010 - 19:36
Agreed - this is still my #1 album this year, but it's definitely more death metal than grindcore. The drumming is so goddamn good

lmao @ "Morgan Freeman vocals of savage death metal"

As for your second to last paragraph, I can relate a little because I think this album is responsible for my car speakers starting to blow :/
09.06.2010 - 10:22
Couldn't have said it better, this is easily my favorite Grindcore/Death Metal album this year till now, I find the album to be catchy, not humming-on-the-road-with-birds kind of catchy, but an I-want-to-headbang-all-day-long-and-carve-the-birds kind of catchy. It has a high addictive value. So Bravo.
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09.06.2010 - 10:39
Excellent review and great album!!
09.06.2010 - 13:27
My first experience with Misery Index was on the resent Face Melter tour with Dying Fetus. They were really good so I picked this CD up at the merch booth.
Very Pleased with this CD and the drumming kicks ass!
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09.06.2010 - 20:53
Troy Killjoy
I just picked this up at the local record store for 14 bucks (alongside a couple 10-dollar Slayer albums and Kalmah's 12 Gauge). This is by far one of the most brutal releases I've heard in a long time.
Prettier than BloodTears.
09.06.2010 - 22:04
Man i have to admit myself they really are unstoppable. if you plot a graph of their work it would be straight an exponential. all of the 3 albums are masterpiece in their own terms. And excellent review by the way
09.06.2010 - 22:08
Account deleted
It's been a long while since I Misery Indexed it up, I should probably grab this.
10.06.2010 - 10:07
Just how many kind of ass(es) are there?
Freeze! Step away from the hubris.
10.06.2010 - 14:33
Great review for an amazing album
13.06.2010 - 02:53
Enemy of Reality
Man, you need to write objective reviews! "my living room looks like downtown Baghdad because of these guys" that's not enough to say that the album rocks...theres a bit more to it.

Great album by the way!
13.06.2010 - 16:51
Yeah, very powerful stuff....at first listenings I was impressed especially with amazing unstoppable extreme drumming.
23.07.2010 - 17:29
Just got it. Brutal and crushing.
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04.02.2011 - 20:00
Awesome. One of my favorite 2010 releases. BRUTAL!!!!!!
Still Life, Still Death

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