W.A.S.P. - The Neon God - Part 2: The Demise review


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Band: W.A.S.P.
Album: The Neon God - Part 2: The Demise
Release date: September 2004

01. Never Say Die
02. Resurrector
03. The Demise
04. Clockwork Mary
05. Tear Down The Walls
06. Come Back To Black
07. All My Life
08. Destiny's To Come
09. The Last Redemption

Mr. Lawless and his "gringos" is back with the second part of the story about Jesse, the Neon God.
With the first part, we followed Jesse when his rise against the throne as Neon God begun and he left us somewhere on the top.
Now we'll follow him down, down from the throne, the final demise.

This gigantic project, The Neon God, wasn't supposed to be two releases, Blackie had in mind to release a large double-disc version with the whole story, but you know labels, they want to make more money and divided it into two parts.
And first I thought that was a good idea; since this story is very complicated and it takes time to get into it, but now I know better (more of that below).

But if we shall rate there two albums as two album I have to say that the first part "touched" me more, and that's one of the bad parts with splitting one large recoding into two parts, both sounds the same and you'll think that the second part sounds just to much like the first, and that's the case here, it's exactly the same sound and almost the same music.
So I think this would be better as one big release instead of two (when reviewing the first part I thought that it should be good with two releases, but as you now heard, it's not like that anymore, not after getting the second part).

I won't go any deeper into the story within the review either; I'll leave that for you to discover when you bought the album and starts browse through the booklet. But it's still about Jesse and his life as "god".
The longed-for successor to "The Crimson Idol" is finally whole, the final rise of the Neon God is complete.

If you got the first Neon God, you should get this, but make sure that your expectations aren't sky-high, because you'll not get anything new, just the rest of the song from the first, it sounds the same and it's all the same, just new songs. You'll need it to complete the story about Jesse.

Check Out: Each an everyone, it's a very solid album too, even if Part I was better.

Written by Malcolm | 11.01.2005



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25.02.2007 - 03:07
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
I like this part better than part 1, but I can see where your coming when you say it sounds pretty much the same as the first, they use alot of the same riffs and even some of the lyrics are very similar. and Blackie seemed to get a little lazy with the second part of the story.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
21.03.2009 - 15:17
Not at all. The recurring riffs and lyrics were intentional, seeing that Blackie Lawless always takes a rock opera approach to his concept albums. Still, Part 2 has has some very distinct passages, the thrashy main riff to "Never Say Die" being a real novelty for the band. Overall this album is more focused than the first part, if not equally adventurous, and has a better production.

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