Brutal Truth - Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom review

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Band: Brutal Truth
Album: Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom
Release date: 1997

01. Dementia
02. K.A.P.
03. Vision
04. Fucktoy
05. Jemenez Cricket
06. Soft Mind
07. Average People
08. Blue World
09. Callous
10. Fisting
11. Die Laughing
12. Dead Smart
13. Sympathy Kiss
14. Pork Farm
15. Promise
16. Foolish Bastard
17. Postulate Then Liberate
18. It's After The End Of The World
19. Machine Parts
20. 4:20
21. Unbaptized
22. Prey

Brutal Truth is for sure not your average Grindcore band with pointless riffs and fast as hell drumming; this guys actually created the Death Metal with Grindcore Fusion and then managed to make this hybrid sound overwhelming, unfortunately for the fans they split-up years ago, fortunately we still have their awesome works to check, in this case one of their best releases to date, "Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom".

This particular album is incredible, The riffing is good, brutal and catchy, the drumming is structured and varied, the bass sounds amazing, and as in every other "Brutal Truth" Release the vocal work is incredible, the growls go from deep as hell to high-pitched in just seconds, that's a good thing believe me.

Anyway, the music in general is excellent, more mature and professional than their previous albums, the special effects added here and there create a whole new environment surrounding the music and the production, this album is in some ways more experimental than "Need To Control" but at the same time the album is catchy and innovative, similar to "Kill, Trend Suicide"; "Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom" is a fusion between the best parts of both albums, then, the final product is just marvelous, a dose of hostile music mixed with some bizarre audio clips and awesome structures(musically speaking).

Most tracks in this release are great, except for the last tune which is odd, way too much for my taste (experimentally speaking) and even boring (more than 20 minutes of the same riff and the same word over and over again) so I will keep aside this awful track and I'll pretend it is not real. The songs flow smoothly throughout the length of the album, some riffs are more aggressive than other riffs, and some beats are faster than other beats, people might find this idiotic, I think it is perfect, this particular feature gives incredible balance to the music, and then the album becomes not boring under any circumstance, the music manages to keep you interested in the "What will happen in the next minute?" part, so is in this great thing where Brutal Truth makes the difference, it is not predictable as other Grindcore bands at all.

This Release is actually remarkable in every way possible (even the cover art is incredible, one of the best covers in Metal history for sure), so don't ever hesitate to buy this piece whenever you see it, just try to avoid that annoying last track.

Best Tracks: "Dementia", "Sympathy Kiss", "Machine Parts".

Written by Herzebeth | 29.07.2005


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