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Favorite bands: Lacrimosa, Rhapsody Of Fire, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, Voyager, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Redemption, Earthside, Eumeria, Threshold, Haken, Liquid Tension Experiment, Riverside, Mastodon, Betray My Secrets, Fields Of The Nephilim, Type O Negative, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Metallica, Porcupine Tree, Arena, Headspace, Lost In Thought, Aeon Zen, Spires, Shattered Skies, Tool, Arcturus, Borknagar, Agathodaimon, Graveworm, Covenant, Dark Lunacy, Dark Tranquillity, Kalmah, Persefone, My Dying Bride, While Heaven Wept, Finntroll, Otyg, Trollfest, Anathema, Katatonia, Moonspell, Tristania, Fear Factory, Godflesh, Killing Joke, KMFDM, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Oomph!, Rob Zombie, Strapping Young Lad, Maximum The Hormone, System Of A Down, Shepherds Of Cassini, Avantasia, X Japan, Animals As Leaders, Arcane, Bend The Sky, Between The Buried And Me, Blotted Science, Conquering Dystopia, Creation's End, Hourglass, In The Silence, Native Construct, Ne Obliviscaris, Opeth, Pain Of Salvation, Planet X, Scale The Summit, Shadow Gallery, Suspyre, Zero Hour, Protest The Hero, SikTh, Hammers Of Misfortune, After Forever, Therion, Within Temptation, Control Denied, Megadeth, Equilibrium, Falkenbach, Monuments, Periphery, TesseracT, Led Zeppelin, Rush, King Crimson, Marillion, Vangough, Ayreon, Vanden Plas, Caligula's Horse, Death, Enslaved, Cynic, Atheist, Mr. Bungle, Slayer, Beyond Creation, Edge Of Sanity, Into Eternity, Nocturnus AD, Gorguts, Obscura, The Faceless, Pestilence, Anciients, Faith No More, Decapitated, Nile, Necrophagist, Spawn Of Possession, Archspire, Fallujah, The Haarp Machine, Talanas, Slugdge, Alchemist, Andromeda, Cormorant, Rishloo, Sons Of Apollo, Soul Secret, In Vain, Augury, Rivers Of Nihil, Neuraxis, Beneath The Massacre, Martyr, First Fragment, Alterbeast, Psychotic Waltz, Exivious, Voivod, Savatage, Crimson Glory, Watchtower, Teramaze, Xerath, Karnivool, Gojira, Devin Townsend, Origin, Ulcerate, Bufihimat, Gorod, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Antlion, The Contortionist, Intervals, Pomegranate Tiger, Spastic Ink, Steven Wilson, Demilich, Sopor Aeternus And The Ensemble Of Shadows, Intronaut, Allegaeon, Quo Vadis, Arsis, Aghora, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Rhapsody Of Fire, The Ocean, Thy Art Is Murder, Bell Witch, Dying Fetus, Decrepit Birth, Psycroptic, Cryptopsy, Anata, Revocation, Twelve Foot Ninja, Abnormal Thought Patterns, Disforia, Third Ion, The Mars Volta, Marilyn Manson, In Mourning, Blood Incantation, Bolt Thrower, Anubis Gate, Fates Warning, Evergrey, Pagan's Mind, Circus Maximus, Ghost Ship Octavius, Seventh Wonder, Coalesce, Hail Spirit Noir, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Inferi, Deafheaven, Baroness, Obscure Sphinx, Samael, Dødheimsgard, Pitchshifter, Summoning, Conception, At The Gates, Communic, Leprous, Sylosis, Jeff Loomis, Chaos Divine, Stealing Axion, Vildhjarta
Favorite song: Requiem in D minor
Favorite movies: The Lord of the Rings
Favorite books: The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion
Personal text: I like mainly Prog music; wether it is rock or metal, I'm interested. But I also like Industrial, Gothic, Power, Folk, Thrash, Death, Black, Symphonic, Math, Doom and Heavy Metal, you know, almost everything except Baby Metal.

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