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Country: Romania
Label: AFM Records

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Formed in: 2002

2002- Symphonic power metal


2002-  Ana Mladinovici - vocals
2002-  Bogdan Costea - guitars
2003-  6fingers - keyboards
2008-  Sorin "Tormentor" Vlad - bass
2020-  Patrick Preda - drums
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2002  Viorel Raileanu - keyboards
2002-2003  Mihai Adrian - drums
2002-2008  Valentin "Vali" Zechiu - bass
2003-2008  Cristi Barla - drums
2007-2008  Emylian Burcea - guitar
2008-2013  Hertz "Grinder" - drums
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Magica has always been a solid band releasing solid albums and Dark Diary is no exception, in fact it's a huge step forward for the band. They'll probably never top any charts or release anything ground breaking, but I find myself enjoying their...   Review by Susan ››
Years after years, Magic from Romania is following its road! Their two first albums weren't really original and not so personal, it was just a "new" version of Nightwish but it seems that this time is coming to an end! "Hereafter"...   Review by Jeff ››

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