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Sanguine Glacialis


NA-  Alexandre Lépine - guitars
2011-  Maude Théberge - keyboards, vocals
2016-  Marc Gervais - bass
2016-  Jonathan Fontaine - guitars
2018-  Jérémy Racine - drums
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2010-2012  Simon Coutu - guitars
2010-2013  Samuel Chourot - guitars
2012-2013  Victoria Della Stella - vocals
2016-2017  Paul Dubreuil - guitars
2016-2018  David Gagné-Pavy - drums
2017-2018  Remi LeGresley - guitars
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Here is some Montreal music that cools your blood. The unique blend of gothic metal and melodic death / black metal brought forth by Sanguine Glacialis has crystallized into a third album. Five years have gone by since 2018's Hadopelagic, but in the form Maladaptive Daydreaming picks up where its predecessor ended. By that, I do mean that another maelstrom of beauty and brutality has been successfully unleashed upon our mortal world.
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