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Country: USA
Label: Prophecy Productions

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Formed in: 2003

2003- Atmospheric doom metal
2003- Atmospheric gothic metal


2003-  Laurie Ann Haus - vocals, keyboards
2003-  Jason Aaron Wood - guitar, bass, programming
2003-  Patrick Geddes - violin
2005-  James Lamb - keyboards
2005-  Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert - bass
2005-2007  Timothy Miller - drums
2005-2007  Elizabeth Schafer - flute
2005-2007  Aslak Tolonen - kantele, bass, keyboards
2012-  Chris Pernia - drums

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With "Sleep Now, Quiet Forest", the American female singer Laurie Ann Haus is finally back in front of the Metal scene. Her last EP with Todesbonden was out in 2004 and this is only four years later that the band finally releases their first...   Review by Jeff ››

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