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2006-  Nicholas Von Doom - keyboards, vocals
2006-  Goldberg - guitars, vocals
2012-  Raptor - keyboards
2015-  Diamond - guitars
2015-  Sack - bass
2016-  Eric W. Brown - drums
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2006-2013  Tim "Timbus" Lyakhovetskiy - guitars, vocals
2007-2011  Austin Nickel - bass
2007-2016  Bready - drums, percussion
2008-2011  Anthony DeLorenzi - keyboards
2011-2015  Fingers - bass
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Humor plays a vital role in Nekrogoblikon's music, but the band has smartly avoided becoming a "joke band" reliant on image or yoked to one gimmick (self-deprecating compositions notwithstanding). Novelty has kept Nekrogoblikon alive, sure, but only in tandem with strong musical output like Stench and Power, and it's the failure to cultivate the musical side properly that made Heavy Meta a less impactful release than its predecessors. Welcome To Bonkers returns this green, pimply, slimy quintet to its Goblin Throne.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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