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Christian Bayer


1992-1997 Lanzer - vocals (as Chris Bay)  
1995-1996 Moon'Doc - vocals (as Chris Bay)  
1998- Freedom Call - vocals, guitars, keyboards (as Chris Bay)  
2000- Lanzer - vocals (as Chris Bay)  

Live musician

1999 Gamma Ray - vocals (as Chris Bay)  

Guest musician

1995 Mind Odyssey - backing vocals (as Chris Bay)  
1998 Avalon - backing vocals (as Chris Bay)  
1999 Saxon - keyboards (as Chris Bay)  
2014 Salamandra - additional vocals (as Chris Bay)  
2015 Vexillum - vocals (as Chris Bay)  
2017 Aldaria - vocals (as Chris Bay)  
2019 Taken - vocals (as Chris Bay)  

Personal information

Also known as: Chris Bay
Born on: 10.07.1968


Never ask women for their age!

Vocals, Guitar and Piano

Musical influences:
Deep Purple, Queen, Great White, J.S. Bach

How long have you been singing/playing?:
At the age of 7 I had guitar lessons. At the age of 10 I entered the musical grammar school in Erlangen and learned about musical theory and playing the piano. I had my first show with a school band when I was 13. At the age of 19 I started a vocal training which lasted four years and thus the madness started

Which equipment do you use?:
Microphone live: Shure SM 58 / BETA 58
Microphone Studio: AKG C 3000 / Neumann U 87
Guitar system: ENGL 860 RACK combined with ENGL Fireball via A/B Box
Rocktron Intellifex. (with 2x ENGL Cabinets at liveshows).
Guitars: 1x ESP EC 1000 black; 1 x Fernandez Les Paul with Seymour Duncan SH 4 Pickups, 1 x Epiphone Les Paul

Motto of life:
Enjoy life, time passes way too fast!

Favourite album of all times:
Beatles (Red and blue album)

What do you like?:
Women, sun and sea

What don't you like at all?:
Idleness and pessimism