Morgan Lander


1996- Kittie - guitar, vocals  

Guest musician

2000 (hed) p.e. - vocals  
2005 Kataklysm - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 06.01.1982

Morgan Lee Lander (born January 6, 1982) is the lead singer and guitarist for the Canadian alternative metal group Kittie. Her sister, Mercedes Lander, also plays for Kittie. She is known for her use of metal growls as a vocalist, though she often sings with a clean voice.

Early life
Morgan Lee Lander was born to Dave and Deanna Lander in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on January 6, 1982. Two years later, Morgan became the big sister of Mercedes Lander, the drummer and founding members of Kittie.

At the age of two, she moved to London, Ontario. When Morgan was six, she started to take piano lessons, but soon grew tired and began playing guitar. She started composing her first songs at 13 (including Kittie's breakthrough hit, Brackish) with Mercedes and friend, Fallon Bowman.

Kittie debut (1996)
In 1996, when Morgan was 14, Mercedes, Fallon, and Tanya Candler formed Kittie. Three years later, the band released their breakthrough first album, Spit.

Poisoned Black Clothing (2005)
Morgan is also a successful business woman, she currently co-owns a clothing line called Poisoned Black Clothing with her younger sister, Mercedes. Poisoned Black Clothing officially launched in September 2005, and aims to provide an alternative style for 'cute boys and hot girls'. Morgan also co-owns a management with her family called X Of Infamy (previously Kiss of Infamy). She currently manages two up-and-coming bands.