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2001-  Justine Éthier - drums
2001-  Terry "Roadcase" Deschenes - rhythm guitar
2004-  Paul "Paul Ablaze" Zinay - vocals
2012-  Louis Jacques - guitar
2013-  Dave "Dave Ablaze" Zinay - bass
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2001-2003  Aegis - guitar
2001-2003  Keleos - keyboards
2001-2004  Mordred - bass
2001-2004  Alkin - vocals
2003-2008  Émilie Livernois-Desroches - violin
2003-2010  Jonathan Lefrançois Leduc - keyboards
2005-2013  Étienne Mailloux - bass
2006-2012  Kim Gosselin - lead guitar
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2012  Gabriel Guardiola - guitars
2013-  David Gagné - guitars
2009  Alissa White-Gluz - vocals
2020  Jeff Loomis - guitars
2020  Lindsay Schoolcraft - harp, vocals
2020  Per Nilsson - guitars
2020  Morgan Lander - vocals

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Do you remember when folk metal used to have an air of freshness to it, it used to be a mysterious and highly original genre that more often than not made the hair on your neck stand on end. Well sadly we may have to start the mourning of this kind of...
Review by Baz Anderson ››
Fans of any northern bands that stemmed from Children of Bodom fame , here is another "extreme power with folk influence" offering. Only this time, Finland has nothing to do with it, as it comes from the Canadian winter land. Profugus Mortis...
Review by Dream Taster ››

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