(hed) p.e.

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Also known as (hed) Planet Earth, Hed PE

Country: USA
Label: Pavement Entertainment

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Formed in: 1994

1994- Fusion
1994- Nu metal
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1994-  Jared Gomes - vocals
1994-  Mark "Mawk" Young - bass
1994-  Doug Boyce - turntable
2004-  Jaxon Benge - guitar
2009-  Trauma - drums
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1994-1996  The Finger - keyboard
1994-2002  Chizad - guitar
1994-2003  Wesstyle - guitar
1994-2003  B.C Vaught - drums
2002-2003  Sonny Mayo - guitar
2004  Christopher Hendrich - drums
2004-2006  Mark "Moke" Bistany - drums
2006-2007  Devin Lebsack - drums
2007-2008  Tiny Bubz - drums
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2000  Morgan Lander - vocals
2000  Serj Tankian - vocals
2007  Tech N9ne - vocals

Latest reviews

Another year, another (Hed) PE album, or so it seems... Hot off the heels of Back 2 Base X, this talented rap-metal band releases Insomnia. Is this album yet more proof of this band's absolute dominance of the genre? Well… Not really. A clear lack...   Review by jupitreas ››
Although originally marginalized as part of the nu-metal army of clones, (Hed) p.e. proved to be a far more talented and valuable kind of band. In 2004, they released Only In America, perhaps the best rap-metal hybrid ever recorded, and now it is time...   Review by jupitreas ››

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