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Coal Chamber


1994-  Meegs Rascon - guitars
1994-  Mike Cox - drums
2013-  Nadja Peulen - bass
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1994-2016  Dez Fafara - vocals
1995-2002  Rayna Foss-Rose - bass
2011-2013  Chela Rhea Harper - bass
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1999  Nadja Peulen - bass
› 2002-2003  -//-
1999  Ozzy Osbourne - vocals
2015  Al Jourgensen - vocals

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Twelve years after they went the way of the dodo, nu metal stalwarts Coal Chamber are back with a new album, Rivals. And like with any reunion album, the question arises as to whether it would be a welcome addition to the band's catalogue or just another pointless exercise in misguided nostalgia.
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First of all, if you clicked on this review just to post a comment about how stupid this band is or just to say "The reviewer must be a fag", please just stop reading and leave.

Now I'll explain why I'm doing a Nu-Metal review - I've...
Review by Herzebeth ››

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