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Alejandro Ramírez "Al" Jourgensen


1981- Ministry - guitars, programming, vocals (as Al Jourgensen)  
1985-2010 Revolting Cocks - programming, vocals (as Al Jourgensen)  
1988- Lard - guitars, programming, vocals (as Al Jourgensen)  
2015- Surgical Meth Machine - vocals, guitars, bass (as Al Jourgensen)  

Guest musician

1989 Skinny Puppy - guitars, vocals (as Al Jourgensen)  
1991 Skrew - guitars (as Alien Jourgensen)  
2007 Prong - keyboards (as Al Jourgensen)  
2010 Front Line Assembly - vocals (as Al Jourgensen)  
2015 Coal Chamber - vocals (as Al Jourgensen)  
2020 Static-X - vocals (as Al Jourgensen)  
2020 David Ellefson - vocals (as Al Jourgensen)  

Personal information

Also known as: Buck Satan, Alien Dog Star
Born on: 09.10.1958

Jourgensen was born to a Cuban mother and a Norwegian father. His father was a stock car driver, also known as a mechanic for legendary Formula One driver Dan Gurney. Jourgensen was raised in Chicago, Illinois and Frisco, Colorado, eventually attending the University of Colorado. He worked as a radio DJ out of college, until becoming a professional musician by joining the band Special Affect. He began Ministry in 1981.

He is sometimes credited as Alain Jourgensen, Alien Jourgensen, Uncle Al, Hypo Luxa (his alias as a music producer), Dog, Alien Dog Star and Buck Satan.

Jourgensen was married to Patty Marsh from 1984-1993, and he has one child from that marriage. He remarried in September 2002 to Angelina Lukacin at Graceland mansion.

Known for often appearing intoxicated on-stage, Jourgensen has been seen guzzling whiskey and smoking cigarettes while performing. His lyrics reveal many aspects of his life, such as his heroin and cocaine addiction, alcoholism, and his political opinions. These were greatly influenced by the beat generation (William S. Burroughs collaborated on some of his tracks).

Jourgensen has had a life-long affinity for drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, which culminated in the 1995 police raid of Ministry's Texas headquarters and Jourgensen's arrest for possession. He received a five year probation sentence, a time that he recalls as the darkest in his life. As of 2003, he maintains that he has been drug-free, ever since a bite from a poisonous spider almost caused him to lose an arm.

biography by: Wikipedia