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Michael Harris


1986- Arch Rival - guitars  
1989-1991 Leather - guitars  
1990- Michael Harris - guitar, keyboards  
1996- Surgeon - guitars  
1997- Zanister - guitars  
2004- Darkology - guitar  
2005-2007 Vitalij Kuprij - guitars  
2007- Thought Chamber - guitars, keyboards, vocals  

Guest musician

2004 Vitalij Kuprij - guitars  
2008 Absu - guitars  

Personal information

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Michael Harris born in Dayton, Ohio is an American musician. He is most noted for his work as founder and guitarist for rock band Arch Rival and for his primarily instrumental progressive guitar work. His later music is a fusion of progressive metal and a hint of classical music. He cites the influence of his father (a jazz musician) and mother (a classical musician) for his unique style.