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Jussi Sydänmaa


1996-2022 Lordi - guitars (as Amen)  

Personal information

Also known as: Amen
Born on: 26.06.1973

Jussi Sydänmaa, (born 26 June 1973, Mäntsälä, Finland) is the guitarist of the Finnish hard rock band Lordi. He uses stage name "Amen". He is a self-educated guitar player and he has stated that his greatest idol is Paul Stanley form KISS.

The character "Amen" is an Egyptian, mummified living dead. According to Mr. Sydänmaa, "Amen was the great Egyptian god Amen-Ra. God of gods. After death Amen was mummified and couple thousands years later he was woken up to play in Lordi. Amen's public secret is women. He's an ancient lover."

Sydänmaa graduated as an Information Technology engineer in 2001.

The municipality of Mäntsälä granted Amen with Hard Rock memorial on June 26th 2006.