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1992-  Mr. Lordi - vocals
2012-  Mana - drums
2012-  Hella - keyboards
2019-  Hiisi - bass
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1996-1999  G-Stealer - bass
1996-2022  Amen - guitars
1997-2005  Enary - keyboards
1998-2010  Kita - drums, backing vocals
1999-2002  Magnum - bass
2002-2005  Kalma - bass
2005-2012  Awa - keyboards
2005-2019  The Ox - bass
2010-2012  Otus - drums
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2006  Pasi Rantanen - backing vocals
2012  The Drummer - drums
2006  Jay Jay French - guitars
2006  Udo Dirkschneider - vocals
2006  Bruce Kulick - guitars
› 2010  -//-
2006  Dee Snider - vocals
2016  Tuomo Saikkonen - vocals
2016-2018  Netta Laurenne - backing vocals
› 2020-2021  -//-
2022  Tony Kakko - backing vocals


Latest reviews

You may have noticed there have been a lot of Lordi albums lately. They've been conveniently packaged in this boxset, to allow me talk about all of them at once.
Review by RaduP ››
Haaa? Lordi, the monsters, Eurovision and the big debate between the Metal fans who are proud of their victory at this mega kitsch show but who are still not able to listen to their music and the ones who like and respect them? Definitely this is a big...
Review by Jeff ››
Lordi, hum, if we want a real good polemical band, damn we have a good one here he he ). Not because of their music itself or not in reason of their lyrics, but because of all their "promotional campaign"? A promotional campaign? Yeah Lordi...
Review by Jeff ››
Welcome to the monster disco! The Finns have finally unleashed their demons from hell, the band Lordi, named after their lead (demon) singer Lordi. The other demons are named: Kita (drums and backing vocals), Enary (Keyboards, Piano and backing vocals),...
Review by Pierre Tombale ››

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