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Agrypnie - Biography




Agrypnie was started in 2004 as a solo project of Torsten Hirsch, vocalist of the disbanded Nocte Obducta. Agrypnie's first sign of existence appeared one year later in form of a split CD shared with the German death metal band Fated and was published on Umtrunk Mailorder. The next release was the debut album F51.4, published in September 2006 on Supreme Chaos Records. All instruments, programming and songwriting have been handled by Torsten, the lyrics were courtesy of Marcel Vampellans Traumschänder, the former leader of Nocte Obducta. The music is often described as modern post-black metal which often borrows elements from traditional black metal, but never drifts into clichés.

In 2007 Torsten decided to turn Agrypnie into a live band. For this he recruited Domenik Papaemmanouil (ex-Wastefall) and Andreas Ballnus (Paul Di'Anno) on guitars, Carsten Pinkle (Cheeno, ex-Autumnblaze) on bass and René Schott (ex-Angelus Mortis) on drums.

This lineup also recorded the sophomore album Exit which was released in August 2008, once again on Supreme Chaos Records. The album contains 11 tracks clocking at more than 60 minutes. Unlike on F51.4 this time the lyrics weren't written by Marcel Va.Tr., but by Torsten himself and Marco of the experimental ambient act The Panta Rhei Project. So far the album has been exposed to raving reviews, achieving rank 8/58 in the soundcheck of the well-known magazine Legacy, among others.