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Nocte Obducta

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Also known as Desîrah

Country: Germany
Label: Supreme Chaos Records / SCR

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1995
Broke up: 2006-2011

1995-2002Black metal
2003-2009Progressive black metal
2010-Avantgarde black metal


1995-  Marcel Breuer - bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals
1996-  Torsten Hirsch - vocals
1997-  Matthias "Matze" Rodig - drums
2004-  Sebastian "Flange" Fürst - keyboards, vocals
2005-  Stefan Dietz - guitars, vocals
2006-  Heidig - bass
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1995-1996  Benedikt - vocals, keyboards
1996-1997  Limbach - drums
1996-1999  Martin Wickler - bass
1996-1999  Alex V. - keyboards, vocals
1996-2000  Stephan Müller - guitar
1999-2001  Shin - bass
1999-2004  Steffen "Emanon" Görte - keyboards, vocals
2001-2002  Erik "Flerik" Hüther - bass
2001-2004  Thomas (I) - guitar
2003-2005  Martin K. - bass
2005-2006  Patrick Baumann - bass
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2001  Sebastian "Flange" Fürst - keyboards, vocals
2001-2002  Alex V. - vocals
2002  Sebastian "Flange" Fürst - vocals

Latest reviews

Karwoche marks another chapter in Nocte Obducta's three-decade-long journey. This time around, they opt for a mix of straightforward riffing, melodic interludes, and grand atmospheres, although the latter is clearly their strong suit.
Review by F3ynman2000 ››
Do you like your black metal just lightly experimental?
Review by RaduP ››
Germany's Nocte Obducta have been a lot like Blut Aus Nord in terms of the progression of their sound over the course of their discography. Much like their French contemporaries, the band began their sonic assault with a more straight-edge, albeit...
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
Time for a confession now: although this is already the sixth album of the German Nocte Obducta, I had never ever heard of them before. Not even the name, which is quite sad when you think about it. If the rest of their albums is half as great as Nektar...
Review by Deadsoulman ››

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