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1996-  Jochen "Eviga" Stock - guitars, bass, vocals
1996-2001  Moritz Neuner - drums, percussion, soprano flute
› 2009-  -//- drums, percussion
2006-  Thomas "Inve" Riesner - violin
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1996-2006  Thomas "Valñes" "Dunkelkind" Stock - keyboards, vocals
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1999  Stefan Niederwieser - cello
2001  Bianca Riesner - cello
2005-2006  Michael Stein - drums
2009  Markus Stock - bass
2014  Thomas Helm - vocals

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Dornenreich's music is quite different now. At the beginning of their career, the band was into melodic Black Metal but their new album "In Luft geritzt" is an album of ambient and acoustic Folk Rock. This is a radical change definitely...
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