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Anuryzm - Biography

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Amidst the tireless and mountainous landscapes of Lebanon, Anuryzm started out in '03 as a group of college friends trying to branch out of their extreme metal music roots to play more commercially-viable tunes for fun. By the end of '04, Anuryzm had already established a set list of originals, played a couple of local festivals, and begun the pre-production process of its first demo. The band hit a road bump when founder and lead guitarist John decided to move overseas, but he remained enthusiastic about returning to the band at home. Until one day in November '05, the news of rhythm guitarist Bernard's passing in November '05 due to complications with his illness hit the band very hard and had put Anuryzm into an immediate standstill.

In '07, John moved to Canada and revived Anuryzm with an improved repertoire. After playing several shows across Toronto and making progress at finalizing the album, the band hit another road bump in '09 with John needing to move back to his childhood city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It seemed like all hope was gone until John and renowned drummer Martin Lopez (Soen, Opeth, Amon Amarth) got in touch and agreed to work together on Anuryzm's debut album.

In spring '10, John was back in the U.A.E. in a hunt for new band members as Martin was preparing to record the drums for the album in Sweden. John immediately joined forces with his old high-school band mate and rock vocalist Nadeem Bibby. Together, they sought the assistance of jazz bassist Rami Lakkis and guest synth player Uri Dijk (Textures, Ethereal) to complete the line-up before entering MNK studios.

The long-awaited debut album Worm's Eye View was completed in autumn '11 with Miltiadis Kyvernitis taking charge at co-producing, mixing, and mastering. Miltiadis then joined the line-up as a touring guitarist shortly after the band saw the additions of progressive drummer Imad Dahleh and synth player Jay Jahed to the squad. To date, the debut album continues to send shock waves of awe and appreciation across the world, as the band continues to grow its fan base with solid local performances.

Having already taken the music to a wide variety of audiences, Anuryzm has performed with several noteworthy bands such as Father, Nervecell, E.Y.E. and Absolace. In May 2012, the band was also given the great opportunity to perform as a support act for Avenged Sevenfold at the Flash Forum on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. reviewed the show in the article named "Avenged Sevenfold, Anuryzm blow concert goers out of their boots!" and gave hats' off for the performance.

With more shows lined up for the remainder of 2012 and with a second album already in the works, Anuryzm promises to continue to deliver a dose of high quality seasoned progressive metal music and exhilarating live appearances.