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Evergrey - Still Working On New Album

Original news, posted on 30.03.2010

Evergrey is currently busy on a new album, to be released at the end of this year. The band issued the following update:

"Been a long time since the last update but we are currently extremely deep into the songwriting and recording of the new album which should be released during the fall 2010. Do we need to tell you that it sounds good, great, fantastic... like always, right.

At the same time we are working with a lot of new people to ensure the best possibilities for a successful work for the new album. There will be more news about this soon. But there are some MAJOR changes in the world of Evergrey, and we are confident it will all be for the better.

At the moment we are booking a short tour for Europe in May. Tour of South America in June and some dates for the USA in connection with that. Festivals on top of that and so far we have a couple we can't go official with until we get the word, so be sure to visit us to stay on top of where you can catch us soon."


UPDATE (thanks to Abattoir)

Evergrey have issued the following update:

"As promised there will be a whole lot of news coming your way in the coming weeks and days.

We have and still are undergoing some BIG changes in Evergrey at the moment. This involves everything you can possibly imagine, and can't imagine. BUT we are also very determined and focused on making the best album we have ever accomplished! We have NEVER spent so much time on detail as we are doing on this album. Everything from sounds to song-structures is under the magnifying glass and nothing will be left to chance.

Purely business related we are also undergoing changes, both big and small and the only thing we can and are allowed to say right now is that being us is very exciting for the moment. Of course you will all be informed about this as soon as we know for certain that the plans are going to take place.

BUT we DO have some new tour dates as well as quite a few to still be added on other continents than Europe so for our fans outside of Europe don't give up hope we will try to please everyone as soon as possible, probably sooner than you think. And for our Euro fans, be sure you get tickets for these shows as they will be something none of you have seen from Evergrey before. Hmmmm what else might there be to tell...?

Yeah, back to the album! 11 songs are written and we will keep on writing and recording as long as time allows us. We are very pleased with the result and the direction we are heading right now. Maybe there is bit more weight put on melody and the orchestration of some songs. As said before, the sounds have become VERY important for us, every song has its own unique trademark as far as the sounds go. There are short songs (meaning 3 - 3:30 minutes). There are long songs (meaning up to 6:40) for the moment. There are slow, heavy, fast and atmospheric songs and of course most important of all - it sounds more Evergrey than ever!"


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Posted: 23.04.2010 by Ozzy88 | Comments (12)

KoRn - Sign To Roadrunner Records

Korn has signed a worldwide recording deal with Roadrunner Records.

The band's first release on the label will be its ninth studio set Korn III - Remember Who You Are, produced by Ross Robinson, who collaborated with the band on its first two albums. An exact street date is yet to be announced, although a spokesperson for the label says it's eyeing a June 2010 international release.

In 2005, Korn inked a widely reported two-album deal with EMI/Virgin, which netted the metal stalwart $25 million upfront from the major (, June 9, 2007). As part of the deal, EMI acquired a 30% stake in Korn's overall business through to 2010. The new deal with Roadrunner Records is a worldwide recording agreement that doesn't include any other ancillary rights.

"When it came to putting this record out, we could not think of anyone better to help us than Roadrunner, the only label that even understands rock music anymore," said bassist Fieldy in a statement.

According to Roadrunner Records, Korn has sold 30 million albums worldwide since its eponymous debut was released in 1994.


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Posted: 08.04.2010 by Ozzy88 | Comments (4)