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After Forever interview (04/2004)

With: Floor Jansen
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 07.04.2004

Band profile:

After Forever

1.Hi, First of all, Tell us about what's been happening in the band this last years, and what changes have occurred in the band.

Floor: After the release of our second album Decipher we toured a lot through Europe to support this album. In 2002 Mark Jansen left the band and Bas Maas came to replace him. After that we kept on doing a lot of shows and festivals and in the beginning of 2003 we focused completely on the writing process.
We wrote the songs for both Exordium and our latest release Invisible Circles.
We recorded Exordium in April/May and Invisible Circles in July/August.
Exordium was released in November and now finally our third full length album is released as well in March 2004.

2.Tell us about the drastic change of the lyrical themes in the band.

Floor: There has always been very different subjects in our themes for the lyrics so yes, it's different but I wouldn't call it a drastic change
The third album Invisible Circles is a concept album. The EP Exordium was like an introduction to this new full length album and the subjects of the lyrics are already connected to the concept meaning they are also dealing with modern, social problems.

3.About the new album "Invisible Circles", what are your views on your new work?

Floor: First of all we are very proud!!!!!!!!!!!!
We feel it's the best cd we've ever made. The songs have a better structure although the parts itself became more complicated. I think every instrument has found it's own place within the music better then before. There is also more space for the vocals so that gave me the opportunity the experiment a little more. I use my voice in more ways and worked on my technique during the years what I think you also hear.
The total sound of this album is heavier. The drums, bass and guitars are much more up front in the mix. The orchestral parts even more bombastic but better placed so sometimes the focus lies on the heavy instruments and sometimes more on the orchestral instruments what makes the total picture of the sound heavier but still recognizable for After Forever!

4.What about the road? Any tour plans? Do you plan coming to South America some day?

Floor: We are going to play in The Netherlands and Belgium again but also do a tour in Germany and we'll go back to France. Hopefully we can do some more shows in Europe. Unfortunately there are no plans to come to South America

5.In all your career, which was your best concert?

Floor: That's a difficult question, there are a few shows that where amazing.
One is the Pinkpop festival in The Netherlands, others where great like the shows we did in Mexico!!!

6.Which bands inspired you to make music? Actual favorite bands?

Floor: Every bandmember has it's own favorite bands and sources of inspiration. For myself I can't say there is any artist in particular, every I hear, from pop to metal is inspiring to me. I don't have any favorite bands, that is always changing.

7.How do you see the Metal scene in the world right now?

Floor: I think it's difficult to speak of the metal scene worldwide. Every country has it's own scene but how big that is, is different per country. Here in The Netherlands the melodic or gothic metal is big but other genres within the metal are very much underground. I think South America has a very big metal scene but in other countries it's smaller (like in France) . The thing is that the metalscene is international, and big as always.
Because it's mostly underground it's hard to tell how big it really is but I don't think that's the most important thing. Metalheads are like family. There are no borders in that! Metalheads are also connected with their bands and their devotion keeps the scene alive! That's how it's always been and that's what it needs to survive. I am sure it will!!!

8.Do you dedicate all of your time to the band, or do you have dayjobs?

Floor: I spend most of my time to the band. That's because I am also responsible for a part of the whole organization of the band, together with guitarist Sander.
I am about to finish my education on the Rockacademy, a Dutch school for musicians who want to make their profession out of pop and rock music so then I am full time musician and I will keep on focusing on the band but also on other musical things!

9.In your mini album "Exordium" you choose to make 2 cover songs, are planning in the future to do more covers? Which songs would you like to do?

Floor: No plans yet! First do our own songs!

10.Well, thank you very much! This was fun right? Please feel free to say anything else to all the people out there!

Floor:I hope South America will keep enjoying our music and we hope to finally play there!!!
Thanks for your support so far and hopefully see ya soon!!!

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