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Autopsy - Born Undead review

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Band: Autopsy
Album: Born Undead
Release date: August 2012

01. Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay
02. In The Grip Of Winter
03. Severed Survival
04. Pagan Saviour
05. Disembowel
06. Ridden With Disease
07. Deathmask
08. Destined To Fester
09. Embalmed
10. Human Genocide
11. Fiend For Blood
12. Gasping For Air
13. Deathtwitch
14. Voices
15. Spinal Extractions
16. Slaughterday
17. Dead
18. Dark Crusade
+ All Tomorrow's Funerals [video]
+ My Corpse Shall Rise [video]
+ The Tomb Within [video]
+ Voices From Creepy KOFY Movie Time
+ A History Of Horror [documentary]

As I stated in my review of All Tomorrow's Funerals, I never really was an Autopsy fan back in the day. For whatever reason I focused my attention on other artists back then. That said, Born Undead is precisely the kind of DVD I wish a band I was a 20+ year fan of would release.

There was no skimping on material. This DVD lasts longer than an actual Autopsy. It's somewhere north of five hours of death metal fun.

Fo(u)r starters, they manage to cram not one, not two, not three, but four entire concerts onto the disk. If you attended an Autopsy gig in the last two years, there is a decent shot that show is immortalized here Maryland Death Fest 2010, Party.San, Germany, 2010, Hole In The Sky, Norway 2010, and they tossed Slaughter By The Water, Richmond, California 2011 in for good (bad?) measure. Oh, and the band's pre-MDF warm-up, just in case that wasn't enough.

Not content with just four gigs, they've also included some promo videos and in studio clips in the extras section.

Finally, the most interesting part of the package, the hour and change section on the history of Autopsy, which goes way back to the time Chris and Eric left Death and formed their own band. The feature goes in a chronological order on a year by year basis discussing the band's accomplishments, travails, releases, and gigs. This section features lots of commentary from Chris Reifert, Eric Cutler (who in modern times is starting to bear a resemblance to Walter "Over The Line!" Sobchak), and later Danny Coralles and Joe "Kill" Allen Trevisano as time marched on and they became involved with the band.

The history piece touches on a multitude of subjects, including the formation, early days, albums, a clip from an outdoor daytime gig in California, circa 1989, where some old man rocking silver hair and a polo shirt is getting into the action, the horrible '94 tour which lead to their break, the Abscess project, and finally reforming in 2010 for "the right reasons" and discussing touring with Danny Lilker while Trevisano is the band's regular/full-time bassist.

All of the history is interspersed with olde tyme clips of the band, picture of flyers, appropriate Autopsy musical scoring, and lots of other musicians from bands like Cannibal Corpse, Obliteration, Exhumed, and Impaled extolling the awesomeness of Chris and company.

Honestly, while still new to the band, by the time the biography was over, I felt like we were lifelong friends whom I'd been in a bowling league with (team name "Twisted Mass of Pin Decay") and was now serving alongside on a PTA board for some (very fucked up) school district.

If you are a fan of the band, by all means this would be a good addition to your collection.

Written on 20.08.2012 by BitterCOld has been officially reviewing albums for MetalStorm since 2009.

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